The other day the Doctor’s office called to reschedule my appointment. I said to the scheduler, “let me check my calendar.”

I’m grateful that I once again have a calendar that needs checking.

I’m grateful that the little boxes in my planner are no longer a home for stickers, but contain actual things to do and places to go and people to see

I’m grateful that my tea society meets in person today

I’m grateful that I saw live music yesterday

I’m grateful for life

37 thoughts on “Gratitude Saturday June 12

  1. Yay!!! To me it seemed you started with “small” things (not really) like grateful for live things….music, people, and then the enormity of those 2 just filled you up entirely with the summary “I love life!” That is awesome.

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  2. I am enjoying entering stores unmasked, which in many ways surprises me. We still mask at work and it’s become such a habit. I really do have to retrain myself to extend makeup below my nose though…unless I simply embrace a complete no makeup / I don’t give a f**k attitude and simply just be me.

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  3. We are entertaining guests for dinner tonight, the second time this week. Tomorrow we’re renting a boat with new friends we just met. I’m grateful to get back out there — but it’s scary, too.

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      1. Well, I never like socializing so…😉 but it was lovely going to a very small venue and listening to some classical music. And tea society meeting at an actual tea place instead of us all making our own tea and watching it via zoom is sooooo much better

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