35 thoughts on “What Inspired me this Week- June 6

      1. Affordable? Probably not. Diverse? Well…here’s the issue. You need to start at the off Broadway level, and if you’re successful, you make it to Broadway. Off Broadway remains much more diverse. But you don’t draw in big audiences…and without big audiences…I admit I rarely buytickets at full price (Hamilton was exception) I see some things during previews when you can get discounts, or I buy off today’s tix, again discounted. But I live here. I have flexibility. But to answer your question: no and maybe


      2. Cost of production is very high. And most shows don’t make money. And box office hits are rarely diverse. People talk a good game, but don’t necessarily put their money where their mouth is

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  1. WoW, LA, you got such a lovely close-up of that gorgeous rose that I might just have to have a go of it with my watercolors…..beautiful! We have a fantastic farmer’s market about 15 minutes from me, over towards Amish country, that is just loaded with wonderful produce and yesterday I got 2 quarts of local strawberries that are so sweet and delicious. I too am an iced tea lover and consider that one of the ‘lovelies’ about this beautiful time of the year. 🙂

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    1. The strawberries are so yummy!!! I saw a recipe for making strawberry shortcake but you use lady fingers instead of biscuits and add marscapone to the whipping cream. Might have to try it!!

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      1. Well, rest assured, if I get a chance to do it and if it turns out half decent, I’ll be sure to show you. I’m working on several pieces right now for a fundraiser so I’m not sure when I’ll squeeze it in…….one of my daily struggles……so much beautiful inspiration all around……never enough hours in the day!! 🙂

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  2. Beautiful pics, LA. Love strawberries, you know how I feel about flowers, adore spring/summertime, drink ice tea all year long, first words, they were, and the comment about Alec Guinness is hilarious. Totally get it.

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    1. We went to it but when you’re in it it’s just a regular park. Nice little amphitheater inside, and it’s just a nice little spot in the Hudson. I’m glad the city is making use of waterfront

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