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In an effort to make money, chefs are thinking out of the box. This is Stretch Pizza which pops up at Bread Bakery for three days a week for a limited time. You reserve your pizza (if you can get a spot) a week in advance and pick it up at the appointed time. Pizza was amazing- this has potatoes and scallions.
Sometimes when you are walking through Bryant Park you need some fries

35 thoughts on “What Inspired Me: The Week leading up to May 23

    1. That’s in front of NYU children’s hospital 1st Ave and 34th street. Thought it was fun. The cat didn’t want to be photographed. It’s like I was the paparazzi

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  1. The doll houses are quite spectacular!! I used to sculpt tiny fairies out of polymer clay …in a “former life”, so I too have an appreciation for tiny, detailed things like that. That pizza looks delish!! And, coming from a pretty much dyed-in-the-wool pepperoni & mushroom-only kinda gal, that’s sayin’ somthin’! LoL. I can’t zoom in to see detail but it looks like all those things on the glass cases are also made of glass, maybe? Looks beautiful too! Thanks so much for sharing!!

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  2. Love love love the dollhouses! Poor puppy looks like she has had it with the cone.

    For anyone near Chicago that likes dollhouse inspired items the Art Institute has the Throne Miniature Rooms and the Museum Of Science and Industry has the Colleen Moore Fairy Castle.

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    1. Luckily bettys cone came off yesterday. That was a picture right before I took it off! The dollhouse was just incredible! Loved it. And now I want to go to Chicago and see them!

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  3. Willa Cather is one of my favorite American authors. One year, hubby and I took a ‘literary road trip’ to Red Cloud, Nebraska to experience her hometown and the grasslands first hand. A fun jaunt (lived in Colorado at the time, so much closer than where we’re living now).

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    1. That sounds awesome!! I’ve always wanted to do the Jane Austen one! I also got a book about great literary places in nyc, and my plan when more things are open, is to hit everyplace in the book.

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  4. That’s a distinctive memorial. I read a book about 20 years ago, but recognised the Father Duffy memorial as soon as I saw the picture. Strange what sticks in the mind. I can remember a monument I saw in apicture 20 years ago but I can’t remember what happened last week…

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  5. These are truly inspirational–except your poor puppy wearing the “cone of shame.” I’m sure its removal was a cause of celebration for all. I loved the tidbits about authors. I have no desire to live in NYC, but you do have access to some fantastic cultural and gastronomic benefits.

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