I am grateful to see people smile again.

I am grateful to get to wear lipstick and blush and bronzer again.

I am grateful to Sephora for being a place where I can buy all these things.

50 thoughts on “Gratitude Saturday May 22

    1. I read this when I was on line at Petco. It’s a 15 minute walk home, so I did a non scientific poll…assume I saw 20 people per minute….I can count on two hands how many people were wearing masks…and all of them looked like that over 60 picture you posted last month….

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  1. Out here in California we have been given the green light to go mask-less outdoors if we are fully vaccinated, as long as we are not in crowded places like baseball games, concerts, etc. Starting June 15 we are going to be at full speed ahead. I know there will still be some times I will choose to wear a mask but that will probably be with people I want to hide my true feelings from – LOL.

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  2. I haven’t worn makeup in years, except for special occasions. We are all still masked and I miss seeing smiles on the faces of people around me. One day, soon I hope, we can throw the masks in the dust bin. Yet, on a positive note, there were few to none cases of fly this year, so there’s that.

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  3. The lipstick comment i loved the most. I was wondering how lipstick companies fared when the face mask began. I remember seeing somebody post something crazy like 50 tubes of lipstick for 20 dollars. I haven’t bought it with lipstick in a long time and I was actually entertaining buying a tube. You helped in my final decision! Lipstick hunting here I go!!!

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      1. I couldn’t help it. Something has come over me. I walked into the store and straight to beauty department. I did not make it past the nail polish because it’s fun. The lipstick aisle is right next. I literally had to swallow my will. It’s a done deal. I’m doing lipstick shopping. I know it’s a commitment. And I’m going to own it. LIPSTICK HERE I COME!!!!!!

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    1. I love make up, so not putting anything on my bottom face was sort of a drag. I felt much happier sweeping bluish across my face


    1. The CDC, and New York State have said that fully vaccinated people no longer need to wear masks in most situations, whether indoor or out. A facility does have the right to keep the mask rule I place. Health care settings, nursing homes, and schools are still supposed to wear masks though


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