37 thoughts on “What Inspired Me: May9-May 15

    1. I admit…sheโ€™s a smart pup (sheโ€™s on my chair cause she did my blog this morning). Also cute as a button. And not happy about the cone…three more days…

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  1. WoW……what a FEAST for the eyes this week!! I love all the food and flower pics especially. And, if that is a coffee warmer, PLEASE share the brand name. I am constantly in search of one that will actually work well and keep my drink warm. Thanks so much for sharing all this!

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  2. Awh,poor puppy! She looks so cute though.
    Best Mom Ever. Love it!
    I got a Best Mom Ever T-shirt from my son. Though your daughter was probably sweeter when she gave you the gift. My son said, “Its not true…but….” with a smart aleck grin!

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  3. Alright, LA, let’s do gratitude Sunday. Ready? I am so grateful for you and the pics of the City, am grateful for the pics of the awesome-looking food, and, of course, the flower pics! And, did you really take and post a pic of chocolate bark? Wow. Delicious. Gratefulness abounds…

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