Betty had to get spayed this week…she is not happy about wearing a cone

I am grateful to the vet and the tech who worked on her.

I am grateful that she is feeling good and appears to be healing well.

I am grateful that she can probably take off her cone next week.

28 thoughts on “Gratitude Saturday- May 15

  1. I am grateful I got up early, walked the pug, and watered the garden. I am on a roll. Lets hope it continues. The pug loves our new chair. It is very comfortable. I think he thinks we bought it for him.

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  2. Those cones are the worst! My old dog, Lucy, used to walk around the house deliberately banging her cone into everything and everyone in her path. I guess she figured if she had to be miserable, so did everyone else!

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    1. Betty whacked me in the eye yesterday! It’s pathetic because she hits it in the ground when we walk outside (she’s like a doggie vacuum fir whatever is on the street) hopefully it comes off tomorrow

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