Today is my mom’s birthday, and if things were normal, I may not have been in our home to write this blog post nor able to enjoy the wonderful tea we have scheduled later today at 2pm. See, my mom’s birthday always falls around some inconvenient times. In middle school, her birthday was always right near the school play, which I did the tech and lighting for. In high school, her birthday was days before, sometimes on the day of, AP exams – incredibly difficult, three hour long tests that students prepare for all year. And, as a college student, her birthday is during finals week, meaning I would typically be in my dorm room hunched over a computer instead of enjoying scones and petit-fours. 

Although we always manage to make it work, this year proved to be a little different. As I’m sure you don’t need me to remind you, the past year and a half has been far from normal. One consequence of the pandemic is that my college has been virtual the entire year, meaning, much to my mom’s displeasure, I have been taking my college classes from my bedroom, only 20 feet away from my mom. She’s heard me on Zoom interviews, in Zoom class, and in Zoom debate competitions. And since everything is virtual, by default, I was home for Mother’s Day and today for my mom’s birthday. 

While my mom is probably happy that she did not have to drag my dad to tea today or engage in a Mother’s Day celebration over Zoom, in general, she has not been thrilled that I’ve been home for the past year. It’s a lot, I get it. And, trust me, I would rather be a college student on an actual campus more than two minutes apart from my parents and the walls which still adorn my baby pictures. However, if you asked me to make lemonade, I would say there were a few good things about being back at home with my mom. This includes:

  1. Having someone who makes me good dinners
    1. I am not sure if she’s told you, but during quarantine, my mom has become quite the chef. She makes homemade pasta, potato chips, parmesan crisps (and everything else that starts with p). Her food is certainly better than my dining hall and proceeds to be something to look forward to.
  2. Having a movie buddy
    1. Nearly every Friday, my mom and I have watched a movie (recently, in movie theaters!). The best part? Getting to discuss the movie afterwards and having her read over my review before I submit it to my school’s newspaper. 
  3. Having someone to talk to
    1. In that same vein, having my mom rooms away means she is more in tune with my life and always happy to talk about it. She knows what time my classes are, and at the end of each day, she’ll ask, “How was History? Is your professor still crazy?” And, she’ll listen. She’ll listen to my rants, my excitement over the new Taylor Swift albums, and help me as I decide what to write my essays on. 
  4. Consistent advice
    1. Yes, this is like talking, but I feel it deserves its own item anyways. When I am struggling or hitting my college-life crisis concerning what I will do post-graduation, now I can hear a solution without having to pick up the phone. My mom is always here to provide me advice, and somehow (I don’t know how she does it), say the right thing. 
  5. Having someone to take care of me
    1. Perhaps this is all-encompassing, but this proved to be true just on Saturday when I suffered from a major headache. My mom was willing to drop all of her responsibilities and bring me water, tea, and whatever else I needed to ensure I felt better. Whether I am having an off-day physically or mentally, I have appreciated having my mom steps away. Her comfort alone often saves the day.

The pandemic was horrible, obviously. But, it provided me a few more months with my favorite chef, movie-connoisseur, doctor, and editor. Thank you mom for everything and for letting what should have been my miserable sophomore year of college be only half-bad. 

Don’t let it get to your head though – I am still going back to school, and you will have to suffice if I end up writing next year’s blog post from a library.

Love you so much. Happy birthday. Here’s to another year (without the guise of a pandemic).


94 thoughts on “Guest Blogger- My Daughter

  1. Happy birthday, LA!

    And, LA the Second, I don’t know how you all make it in tight quarters but it sounds like you and your mom get along well. 🙂 …I think Taylor Swift’s music keeps getting better.

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  2. Well LA, seems that “wrong side of 50,” is now in full bloom, chirps this septuagenarian. Happy Birthday you spring chicken! And who is this Taylor Swift person of who/whom your daughter speaks?

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    1. I saw a method on a cooking show and it was pretty easy. Slice the potatoes (I used food processor) put in bowl and add a little bit of oil…shake/mix. Add salt. Lay chips on parchment/silpat lined baking sheet. On top of chips put another silpat/parchment, then a cookie sheet on top. Bake at 400 for about twenty minutes. (Time depends on thickness of potatoes so check after a few minutes

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  3. Awww I don’t know who’s answering: LA or H. Either way, this is beautiful, and I’m fighting the urge to send it to my daughters as a not-so-subtle hint 😉

    Happy Happy Birthday LA! I don’t think I realized our bdays are in the same month, too…I keep saying this, but it’s true—You’re one fact away from becoming one of my internet bffs

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    1. I’m really beginning to feel that there is a synergy between those born in the same month…it’s like an unspoken understanding….thank you! I’m handling the responses today but my daughter will read them at the end of the day!.,

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  4. Great post! Happy Birthday…Happy Mother’s Day, late……and enjoy those mother-daughter moments……..they are fleeting, and will become highly-cherished memories….trust me on that. 🙂

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  5. Happy birthday LA, we share a birthday month, mines on the 19th! What a beautiful post from your daughter, she is lovely, and quite a wise woman to know the value of a mother’s love! ❤️C

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  6. Awwww this was so beautiful. So heartfelt and wonderfully written. What an incredible daughter you have. And of course I give YOU full credit for this amazing child. Because moms have great influence on who our children become. Bravo! You nailed it. Happy birthday and happy Mother’s Day and happy everything else. I just read this today… I’m so glad I did.
    You and she are simply fabulous! ❤️

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