Lots of flowers!!!!!

Madison Square Park
Pretzel from Kirsh Bakery
Betty has taken to hiding her dog biscuits in the house. I think she thought this spot in the sofa cushions would work
guess who got a pedicure
Mighty Quinn’s Barbecue – my husband and I split a three meat platter (brisket, ribs and burnt ends)
The comedian went around table to table asking what the relationships were- when they got to ours- the guy said “Friends?” and I said- “She’s my daughter.” Got the biggest laugh of the night….
Betty at the dog park

72 thoughts on “What Inspired Me This Week: May 2

    1. The Mets are only selling a month at a time….so it will be. A mildly planned excursion. It was fun to get back out there. And they actually won the game we were at, so win win…

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  1. Beautiful flowers! We just finished planting a few and I will post a few pictures next week. Someone in NY is doing a wonderful job with the parks! A pedicure is something I need. Hoping to make a best friend of one of 4 granddaughters.

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      1. I helped a friend with editing and she owns a pedicure/manicure salon. She gave me a gift certificate. I am looking forward to visiting. I love when they use hot rocks on my feet.

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  2. I can’t get past the food, but the flowers are a close second. Aren’t ramps in the allium family…garlic, onion or something? And what do you do with them?

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    1. Omg…the crispy eggplant thing? I’m still dreaming about it…the outside was super crispy, but when you but it the eggplant pure was airy and delicious, and they were served in this sweet/sour sauce. Ridiculous good. And yes…they are sort if like a scallion…I served them in two different dishes this week. I made a pasta sauce where I sautéed them with cremini mushrooms, peas, cream, cherry tomatoes and Parmesan. Delicious. Then I used them with arugula, cherry tomatoes, goat cheese and dill in a frittata. They are mild, but have a little kick. Only available for like three weeks, but so worth it!


  3. Isn’t it nice to be able to get out and about a little again? I almost cried when we had dinner with some close friends for my husband’s birthday last month. And BASEBALL! Thanks for sharing your gorgeous photos with us. I am almost at capacity storage here on WP and I don’t know what I’m going to do.

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  4. YEEESSSSS! More flowers, awesome. Love the pics, LA. The pretzel looks awesome, the museum amazing, a Mets game, how nice, and I loved the part about Betty hiding dog treats. Memories….fun. Oh, and I soooo want to go to a comedy club…

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  5. These are wonderful! ❤️ As someone who has been stuck in varied levels of lockdown (because the P-word has refused to go away for various reasons in India here) your post gave me the most hopeful view of the world in ages! ❤️ So thank you for that from the bottom of my heart! ❤️


  6. The spring flowers are stunning! And, I always love it when you share art gallery photos. My “guard bunny” better patrol the OUTSIDE of my veggie garden! And, I’m getting a mani/pedi next week when we visit our daughter in Florida….complete with little, individual bottles of champagne! 🥂

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  7. What an action-filled weekend! Love all the flowers, the fact that you made a ball game, got to sit in a stadium, and love Japanese art. The food looks like pieces of art, too! lol Cute Betty! Great pictures!

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    1. Apparently, the heat from the plastic helps the lotion sink in. I have no scientific evidence but it feels really good


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