I was walking the dog the other day. We were going to the Farmer’s Market. On the way there, we saw someone on a non motorized scooter get hit by a van.

Here’s the thing about your senses: when you see someone get hit, the scene at first seems surreal to your eyes. Yet, the sound of the accident jolts you into reality. Your first split second thought of NO correlates with the sound of YES.

So I dialed 911 to report the accident- (full disclosure- a plains clothes police officer identified himself as he also witnessed the accident except from the other side of the street- he immediately took to checking on the person injured as he saved the scene as best as possible to determine what actually happened)

This was the third time that I dialed 911 in the past few months. One time the traffic light had gone out at the very heavily trafficked intersection near my house, and the other was my infamous ER visit.


  1. I am grateful that the person involved in the accident did not appear seriously injured
  2. I am grateful for all the people who work at 911 call centers
  3. I am grateful to all the people who respond to emergency calls/situation
  4. I am also grateful that I was not walking faster down the street

41 thoughts on “Gratitude Saturday May 1

  1. “Here’s the thing about your senses: when you see someone get hit, the scene at first seems surreal to your eyes. Yet, the sound of the accident jolts you into reality. Your first split second thought of NO correlates with the sound of YES.”

    Love this, notwithstanding the unfortunate impetus.

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    1. Thank you and I know what you mean! I was trying my best to explain my exact thoughts at that moment… part of you wants to believe you didn’t actually witness it…but the other part slaps you into reality

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      1. I think you captured it perfectly. I was unfortunate enough to see it myself a few years ago, a teenage girl on her way home from school, awful.

        Your last gratitude point reminds me of that incredible scene in Benjamin Button where he lists the seemingly insubstantial moments that if changed would have produced a different outcome. I’m trying not to spoil what the outcome was incase anyone hasn’t seen it and would like to.

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      2. That’s what people don’t realize…every single decision we make impacts something. If my dog doesn’t stop to go to the bathroom, I could be at that intersection…each moment matters in. It’s own way

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      3. THAT is something that I am always thinking about! It’s kind of a little like the WHAT if’s in a way. This is a little bit different but recently I happened to run into my old boyfriend that I dated 16 years ago on some random street where we would have never thought in a million years to have seen that person again. We didn’t even recognize each other for a good 6 months as passed each other, and when we realized it was an insane surreal moment. We had totally fallen in love back at 32 years of age but one little twist of fate, and if one of us had done just thing different we would be together today for the chemistry is infallible. BUT this is what is weird. BECAUSE of that ONE thing and that one moment I would not have Charley Waffle for I was able to get her BECAUSE of where he lives and his resources. So, it is kind of like that on a lighter note. Because, yes, there are so many instances anything could have turned out so much different if the moment in time was off. Or is it off or is it meant to be you know? I dunno. Reminds me of those books I used to read where you would get to the end of the chapter and there were two decisions to make. One was one way, where I could choose to go to page 42, or if I chose the other way, turn to page 55. And it would go on from there, where a choice has to be made. These books were cool. Do you remember those books? I’m glad everything did work out ok for all in your incident. But yeah, what if?….

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    1. I think there’s always going to be trauma of you’ve witnessed something bad. In this case, the person seemed relatively ok, so my trauma from this will be minimal. However…I will carry this incident with me forever….and it will probably change my approach to crossing streets

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  2. Yikes, that’s scary. Hopefully the van stuck around and it is nice that the person didn’t get hurt too badly. Still, shocking to the senses for sure. Be careful out there, LA!

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  3. I’ve always wondered what would have happened if I’d walked faster or slower on any particular day. It’s an endlessly interesting subject for me,possibly less so for people who have proper thoughts and orderly minds. 🙂

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  4. I heard a lot of stories circling after 911 about why people weren’t in the buildings or on those planes! My son was recently in an accident and I’m forever grateful for those Good Samaritans who ran towards a burning car! Glad you were safe and could respond. C

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  5. All wonderful things in which to be thankful. And, the rider of the rider of the scooter is surely thankful for all the quick responses for his safety and well-being. xoxo

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  6. This brings back awful memories of the time I saw an SUV flip up in the air and crash on its roof. My heart dropped watching the police officers struggle to get the doors open and pull the lady out to safety.

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