Nice weather +restrictions lifting= less reading

This is what I read from March 25- April 28

TitleAuthorHow I Heard About BookRating
Between Two Kingdoms: A Memoir of a Life InterruptedSuleika JaouadGoodreads List1
Homeland ElegiesAyad AkhtarNot Sure2
The Rules of MagicAlice HoffmanTea Book Club3
Your Fully Charged Life: A Radically Simple Approach to Having Endless Energy and Filling Every Day with YayMeaghan B. MurphyGood Housekeeping4
One By OneRuth Warenot sure5
Early Morning RiserKatherine HeinyReal Simple6
Sorrow & BlissMeg MasonCollege Book Club7
Burnt SugarAvni DoshiCollege Book Club8
Anywhere For YouAbbie Greavesin store browse at Barnes and Noble9
We Begin at the EndChris WhitakerBarnes and Noble Book Club10
These are the order in which I liked these books. It does not mean the last one is bad or the first one is great. It’s just how much I liked them this month
This months Book Bingo is brought to us by Once again I was lucky in my selections and I have attained BINGO!!

18 thoughts on “My Month in Books- April

  1. Your commitment to reading a diverse cross section of books every month is always very impressive. I’m still slogging along with only the second book I’ve read all month. It started out great, and then got tedious. But I don’t like to stop reading.

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    1. I don’t stop either…even if it takes awhile. I admit, I can see my genres limiting as my reading numbers go down. Presently I’m in the mood for memoir/essays, women’s fiction and positivity self help books. Then book club always throws in something else

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    1. Noooooo! Trust me! I’m guessing as the year goes by I’ll be down to 6 books a month…which is my normal!! I see my storygraph numbers….my books and pages read is very down….plus…I read a positive self help book…that’s not even reading…that’s just 250 pages of cheerleading

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    1. It’s very positive forward, but she does a good job of explaining that life is not always unicorns and rainbows. It was written during pandemic, so it has that side to it


  2. You’re doing great! I’ve been thinking that with summer coming closer, reading will slow for me too. Guess we’ll see. Have a great weekend. ❤️

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  3. You certainly do get through a number of books! I’ve read only Burnt Sugar from your list, and didn’t really like it much. That’s been my experience with most of these winners/shortlisted authors.
    I’m reading Georgette Heyer this week and enjoying every bit of it. I don’t like the Mills and Boon or the Barbara Cartland kind of swooning females books. I love Heyer s heroines, her language and her humour. Light reading, yes, and very enjoyable.

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    1. I hated every single character in Burnt Sugar. But aside from that, I thought the book contained a lot of insightful one line quotes…things that made me stop, or think. However, I don’t think a bunch of good sentences make up a book

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