What inspires you?

Recently we talked about how my family always being underfoot has made it difficult for me to be creative, how I need solitude in order to tap into my muse. My muse is an introverted thing, and she needs to be alone in the house with music softly in the background and the scent of lemon wafting from the diffuser, and a cup of black tea with milk and sugar sitting on the side.

My muse took up residence somewhere else during COVID…

But anyway…

Turns out I need to be alone to actually put words on the paper…


In order to be inspired…

in order to find things to write about…

I need to be out and about. I need people, places and things from which to get ideas. I am never going to get ideas from sitting in a room with my diffuser and a cup of tea. I mean, those things might make it into a work, but for the most part, how much can I write about them?

ok- expect a post about my desk sometime in July

I am a sensual person. I am inspired by the things that I can touch, taste, see, hear and smell. When you are a sensual person, you need to be interrupted. You need to be amongst the people. When you are a sensual person who is looking for those ideas, you need to be disrupted. You need some sort of controlled chaos.

Quiet to write.

Distraction to be inspired.

Look at the things that I choose to blog about. I do not get these ideas while sitting in my desk chair, smelling the lemon and drinking my tea. I might read a great comment, or be treated poorly by someone. Run out of toilet paper or talk to my sister. All these things get my brain working…makes me reach for my planner and pink pen and jot down the idea…At the time I write the note I may not know what my post will look like, but I know that I’ve hit on an idea that I can expand…

The toilet paper post of this week- do you know what my note was for that day?

things I did for my family that they didn’t realize

I wrote that note months ago because I knew that somewhere in those words was a blog post. As I sat down to write and thought about that note, the incident from the previous week popped into my mind…

Inspired by chaos and distraction…

Enough about me:

What inspires you?

Where do you get your ideas from?

How do you keep track of the things that you want to write about, paint, photograph, whatever your chosen medium is?

Do you just think of things, or do you need some sort of distraction to inspire you?

What activates your muse?


137 thoughts on “How Do I Write? Let Me Count the Words…

  1. Well, I get my creativity senses while I am sleeping, I usually start by visualize what I will be doing tomorrow. From there, I eventually fell into sleep and journey the day I dreamt in some crazy way which I never woul have imagined. When I woke up , i lose almost a 75% of what i knew and then work with the left.


  2. This sounds strange, but I like to get ideas from the things I dream at night. I dream a lot but mostly forget when I wake up. If I happen to remember somehow, I quickly jot down in my notebook.

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  3. I have the digital equivalent of a mess of papers on my desk. Snippets of thought that make up whole unexplored thoughts get written down, and typically forgotten until a later time when I can reflect with a less passionate, in the heat of the moment thought process.

    Ideas come from just about anything in my experience: youtube videos about sweden, blog posts about mountain biking, my morning coffee ritual, shelving a book I’ve just finished; it’s typically when I have a heightened emotional response to something that I feel inclined to dig deeper into that feeling and find out what more there is to it.


  4. Having recently started my blog, I usually think what I want to talk about the most but can’t. This gets words flowing. I write in my bed because that’s where I’m most comfy. But I’m told that writing with a straight back leads to better words😂

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  5. Way too damn much inspires me and I keep way too damn much of it within reach. I have cut back on hoarding all those ideas I get/got from way too many places because keeping it organized took/takes way too damn much time!

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  6. I consider myself an introvert , i Cant spend time much time with many people without feeling the urge to stay alone. My private quite time inspires to write , most times a quite coffee bars or on the train or flight, i really want to write and i love writing but i feel am not good enough and my works not good enough , most of my written works are posted on my Facebook page and few on my blog***untold realities** I want to improve on my works and need help

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  7. I have written my best when my life was at its worst. My young life burnt my poet and the ashes are still seen as poems, as musings. I can feel what you’re talking about. Being an normal adult, with a normal job and normal life responsibilities damaged the writer in me somewhere.
    I’ve got nothing to rebel against, I’ve got no tragedy to breathe through, no hearts to win, no hearts to break… It’s just.. life

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