Do you write Yelp reviews?

I am not a believer in reviews.

I think that most people who write reviews have an agenda. Maybe it’s their own product. Maybe it’s a product of their best friend. Maybe its a product of their nemesis. Maybe someone is just a troll.

However you look at it, I take reviews with a grain of salt.

I also don’t believe 5 star or 1 star reviews. I think that nothing is so good to rate it perfect. I think that nothing is so bad to rate it 1.


I wrote my first ever Yelp review a few months ago. I had to open an account and everything.

What was the review about?

OK- here’s the story.

I was looking for a groomer so that my puppies nails could get trimmed. She wasn’t ready for a full groom, but I wanted to get her used to having her nails done, and she has black nails, so I didn’t want to try it myself the first time. I wanted a professional.

I have been trying to support small, local businesses this pandemic season, so I searched for groomers in my neighborhood (as opposed to the big name place I used to take my other dog)

I found one close by that said it did drop in nail trims.


Betty and I walked past it one day to check it out, and sure enough there was an “OPEN” sign in the window, as well as a sign that said “WALK IN NAIL TRIMS”. Right there in the window.


Betty and I didn’t go that day- we were just doing our research.

The next week Betty and I returned- this time armed with vaccination requirements and an excitement for a doggie manicure. The same OPEN and NAIL TRIM signs still prominently displayed.

I go to open the OPEN door. Locked.

I see a bell. I ring the bell.

Five minutes later very grumpy person comes out. Rudely yells at me. Screams that they don’t do walk in nail trims. I point to the sign. She slurs something at me.


You think I’m going to leave my dog with you ever?

So I went home and joined Yelp and wrote a review.

One star.

Which I don’t believe in on principle, but the rudeness…

Next day, the owner wrote a nasty reply to me.

I explained why I thought there was a problem and why I wrote the review.

Owner then tried to butter me up. Said all sorts of nice things. Asked me to change my review.

I explained some stuff, and I was not being nasty. I was just calling it as I saw it…

Then the vitriol. The nastiness she spew at me. Telling me about all the dogs and owners that love her and her services. How I was so wrong…

I didn’t reply. I don’t take to being nice to me because you want something. I don’t play to scare tactics.

I do know that I would never leave my dog with this person…

So here’s the thoughts for today:

Do you write reviews?

Do you believe reviews or do you take them with a grain of salt?

Was I justified in reviewing the person as I did?

Do you think I’ll ever write another Yelp review?

Are you annoyed that I used “grain of salt” twice in this post?

94 thoughts on “Yelp

  1. Argh! I’m frustrated for you!
    I work in restaurants, and have pretty strong feelings about reviews. My PET PEEVE is when someone hates their experience and goes home to write about it, rather than giving management an opportunity to make it right. No one wins!
    With that said… It was contact with the business owner that made your experience bad. And sometimes, people just need to know about it! One star deserved.

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    1. That’s part of my point. If something is wrong when you’re someplace, say something. 99% of the time people will try to help you out. The stupid things people complain about in reviews are mind boggling to me. Too many soapboxes

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  2. I don’t write reviews on Yelp. I do rate books on Goodreads. I do review books and TV occasionally on the blog. I do think many people who write reviews do so with an agenda or because they are angry. I would definitely avoid a business if they respond negatively to a bad review

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    1. Right? To respond poorly to a review about how unfriendly you were? Seriously? It’s like they proved my point. As for books and such. I’m just not a good reviewer. It’s not my strength, nor do I find it fun. But I love when we discuss a book or a show. To me…that’s fun

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  3. I don’t often pay attention to reviews because people will leave bad reviews for the dumbest things (not that your one star review was for something stupid. Sounds like they earned it). Where I work, we once had someone leave us a one star Yelp review because my coworker asked her how to spell her (unusually spelled) name. She threw a temper tantrum on the spot and then went home and wrote us a bad review. Because my coworker wanted to verify his spelling of a vital piece of information to make sure he got it right.

    People are weird.

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    1. Seriously? My name is fairly easy to spell, and I will spell it out fir someone just in case. But that’s my point. The things people choose to pick on! In my case, as I never write reviews, you know how strongly I felt

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  4. I Confess!! I write Yelp reviews! At first only negative until I started to notice how that affected the business~ which led me to only leave reviews when I had a positive experience and leave others to do the dirty work! I’m actually a Yelp Elite ~ haha!
    I think I might want to start having fun with it — leaving five stars for a not so pleasant experience? Just a thought lol

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  5. There is soooo many things wrong with this post, your use of the same phrase twice being the least 😁
    I rarely write reviews. As an author, I understand the need for them, but I am not good at it. Mostly I will write reviews for a good book that doesn’t have many, because I understand how important they are if you’re just published. If it’s a bad book, then I just move on.
    In your situation with the groomer, hell yes, they would have gotten a bad review! They would have gotten an ear full at the original confrontation as well, because that’s just how I am.
    One of the first things I learned when I was first published is that you NEVER interact with someone who gives you a bad review. It is very unprofessional, and it makes you look like an ass! And asking someone to change their review??? Even worse! Hopefully your review helped someone else not trust their fur baby to this idiot!

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    1. I couldn’t believe she wanted me to change the review! How do you ask that? It takes all the impartiality out of the equation!


      1. Just write it off to unprofessional idiots. If she had contacted you privately and said, hey, you caught me at a bad time, let’s make this right, then perhaps you will change your review, it would be different. If all this took place in the public forum, that’s completely unacceptable.

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      2. What good is a review system if people can be coerced into writing a good review? I didn’t do this for a free nail trim. I did it because I worry about pets


      3. I know!! Which leads to my whole point of reviews! One writer I know was offering something to reviewers of her new book. I pointed out that she needs to make sure that the reviewers writes that they were given something because that gets real murky


      4. Yeah, it does. Amazon especially frowns on that. I mean, newsletters generally have a “reader magnet”, something for free, but not asking for reviews on it. I’ve done a few giveaways with the caveat “please leave a review”, but that is fairly acceptable in the self-published world, as long as they say they received the book for free. Not that most people actually leave a review. I think my last giveaway got two reviews out of twenty books.

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  6. I have only written one yelp review. I had traveled to go to a conference. My hotel was supposed to be in a chic part of Atlanta. I had no car so it was either the hotel restaurant or walk someplace. I walked to a nearby restaurant.
    The service was mind blowing slow and the restaurant was not busy at all. Lots of staff chatting amongst themselves.
    I was by myself—not sure if that changes the perception of the servers? The restaurant was pricy. I was mad.
    Usually I am too lazy to write on yelp.
    I write occasional book reviews. Yes I do believe you have to take some reviews with a grain of salt.

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  7. I rarely write Yelp reviews, but I did so recently for a place where I go for therapeutic massage. I gave Balance Spa in Boca Raton a five star review because the results of my weekly visits there have been nothing short of miraculous. I understand what you are saying about Yelp reviews. You DO have to take them with a grain of salt. As a note of interest, the owner of the spa told me that Yelp’s algorithm deleted several of her authentic reviews, which has to be frustrating. She noticed Yelp reviews for other vendors that were highly suspicious. So, it seems Yelp vendor reviews are influenced by an arbitrary and cantankerous algorithm.

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    1. See? I didn’t know about that, but it’s ridiculous. We now let algorithms run so many different things. While they have their place, for the most part…bleh…

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  8. I look at reviews, but I don’t write them. When I was asked to give a 5 star review for service (car dealership) because attendant told me anything less is a failure, I refused to do it. What is this world coming to?

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  9. I write ’em..almost all well deserved good ones to help promote a business. I only write “bad” ones if I feel I myself would have benefitted knowing the info I then share.

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      1. Well that back and forth you had would creep me out. All I’d want to hear is’s a coupon or give me another chance I was constipated, depressed, just got off the phone with mom..fill in the don’t fuss with customers online..yikes.

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  10. I typically read the reviews but never write them. I also agree that you have to read them with a grain of salt. I typically look at the averages if deciding to try a product or service I am questioning. But most of all I ask other people’s opinion. For example, I asked someone with a lot of tattoos who they would recommend for a tattoo and went there. I probably would check reviews as a last ditch effort such as buying something I’m unsure of on Amazon.

    It’s terribly sad that you tried to support a local business and that person treated you poorly. It might take an experience like that for me to actually start to write reviews. I just think reviews are so subjective they don’t mean much unless you know the person who wrote it. I would trust your review, but how do you really know the person’s intent?

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  11. Other than for books, I don’t often write reviews, but I have on occasion. Hubby and I wrote up a glowing 5 star review for our HVAC company several years ago because they bent over backwards and did some amazing things that I considered above and beyond to get us taken care of. We have been having them service their unit since they got it installed and I would still be more than willing to write another 5 star review because they just are that amazing. I really want others to know how amazing they are because it is SO hard to find decent companies to work with as a homeowner. I’m less inclined to write a negative review because I just don’t want to deal with the ugliness that can open up, but I would if I felt it was necessary.

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    1. I don’t want to destroy anyone’s business, so I don’t like leaving bad reviews. I also don’t want to be coerced into leaving reviews. I think the review thing has gotten ridiculous

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  12. Like you said, for Yelp! one has to create an account – lots of trouble for the reviewer to have to do…and I did it once for a positive review – tile guys doing grout re-do during my time of getting my folks’ house up for sale after they passed.
    I realized all my effort in going through the paces in order to place a review should at least be to contribute a thoughtful & well-deserved ‘great job’ pat on the back for others to see.

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      1. Agreed…sometimes sifting through these things isn’t worth the effort…I’ll amend that: Most times sifting through on-line reviews isn’t worth the effort!
        As an older generation person, I know loads of other ways to get ‘reviews’ of places…but to the gens coming up (in general), the instant googling for reviews (or anything for that matter) is mostly all they know about.

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      2. I don’t personally know people that run businesses. Well there was one time when I reviewed a local comic shop I met the owner when I was 12 at a con. Was a customer of his shop from age 15 to my mid 40’s. Lots of people thru the years would tell me they hated the shop because the owner treated people like shit. I never experienced that till later in life. So, I gave an honest review even stating being a lifelong customer but if you treat people poorly you get what you deserve.

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      3. I think the problem with reviews is that we often have a different to go against. I might think something is awesome, but I go into the experience with different expectations than others. It’s tricky

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      4. True. I’ve been to one star restaurants on Yelp that I actually thought was good and had no clue what so many people hated. I never used yelp as a tool prior to going anywhere, I just used it to offer my opinion.

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  13. No I do not write reviews. I don’t trust other people’s reviews so I figure that’d not trust mine, so why bother? I do, however, ask friends and family about things. At least I know where they’re coming from when they review something.

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  14. My BIL once put up a scathing review on multiple platforms for a small hotel. The drunk manager evicted him & his family on a holiday night. I was there – the manager was dangerously crazy. Those reviews got the attention of the owner (who lived several states away). Thru the owner’s attorney, they negotiated an agreement that gained him a full refund and the manager’s termination in exchange for removing the reviews.

    I like reading reviews, but rarely write them. I think too many people have a hidden agenda for many, so you do have to take them with a grain of salt. 😉

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  15. I wrote one. After hiring a taco cart for a backyard party (back in the day), the woman was dropped off by her son, with the cart, and meat, but she had no tacos? Taco cart, no tacos? Okay, I sent my daughter out for taco shells and we proceeded. She insisted I pay her the full fee, and then she put a tip jar on her cart asking my guests for tips? I asked her to remove it as I would tip her and she refused. When she was done she sat on my front lawn with her dirty taco cart drinking beer for an hour until her son arrived. I was compelled to share my experience. C


  16. Did you look at the reviews before you went to the groomer? I don’t generally do them either, however, I have complained a couple of times about poor service in restaurants online and gotten some gift coupons, but I went directly to the website, not Yelp.

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    1. Not really. I was looking for a place in my neighborhood so I could help them out…I have definitely complained about things, but I just go to the company directly. I don’t like doing it in a public forum

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  17. If I am really impressed with a service I will write an email to the company saying so. This allows them to add it to their facebook page or website should they so choose. I am happy to do this because I feel we are quick to criticise, so too it is just as important to praise when appropriate. I do not participate in reviews with star formats having worked for an organisation that gave themselves multiple 5 star reviews.

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  18. I used to write reviews, but now I avoid doing such. I have seen where bigger companies have actually sued people for writing negative reviews claiming defamation. Now defamation law suits are very difficult to win, but as the defendant, you will still have to respond and pay for your attorney, which can be very costly, even if you do prevail. Not to mention the time lost and the anxiety. Besides, the last time I wrote a negative review, which was completely justified, the company simply removed the item from their Net listing and that eliminated my review. So I’ve decided not to invite any trouble into my peaceful little sphere 🙂

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  19. I’ve received cards with products I’ve received on Amazon, telling me they would pay me in Amazon gift cards for a five star Amazon review of their product. Now, I am leery of any review I see. Are they being paid to say those agreeable things? Or do they really mean it?

    On the other hand, is that person saying bad things about a company or business because they have a personal vendetta or did the service they receive warrant the review? What if their standards were their standards too high? Everyone’s bar for “good service” is different.

    Grain of salt made me laugh. I say that all the time.

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  20. Ummm I always write reviews: Yelp reviews, Google reviews, Amazon reviews, Twitter rants, etc. I’ve written one for a funeral home, a couple for hotels, all kinds of book reviews, and I always leave specific details.

    Reviews are important.

    I also check Yelp, specifically, if I’m going to eat somewhere with someone. I have a friend who I eat out with all the time. If the Yelp review is trash…we don’t go.

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    1. You think much more of humanity than I do. This is where I hate the internet. Too many people can have a platform. Rarely do these people do something worthwhile with the platform. I’ve read the most ridiculous criticisms of things. And I’ve read such glowing reviews there’s no way they can be real. I got something once asking me to leave an Amazon five star review and I would receive something. How do I trust that? Plus, you have people that ask you to leave a five star review…where’s the objectivity? But I applaud you for trying to make the system better

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  21. No one is supposed to behave rudely, especially a business owner to their customers. They could have made it clear politely even if they didn’t do walk-in trims. Reviews are there to point these things out. Hospitality is as important as services provided.

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  22. I Yelped pre-Covid. Usually places we ate or went to. I have rated things fairly in that if something sucks I’ll give it two tries before writing a review because it could just be that day. I myself tend to not believe 5’s or 1’s especially if the person writing the review has no friends or written only 1 review. It was my thing to do. But post Covid probably just delete my account and try to just enjoy life as much as possible, because does my opinion really matter lol probably not.

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  23. Sometimes I’ll read reviews when traveling, but take them with your two doses of salt. I only wrote a Yelp review once – yes, negative – and felt it was deserved, but regretted it. There were no repercussions, but I just don’t like myself when I am not spreading good vibes.

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    1. I don’t love writing negative things (ok…with books…sometimes I can’t help it) but yeah…on the whole, I don’t need to do it. In this case, I w or tied aboit dogs who can’t speak for themselves

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  24. I only write good ones. Working in the retail industry for so long it was rare that we ever got a good review even from favorite loyal customers, people don’t take the time to write something nice. That being said I have read reviews from people whom I had interactions with that had an attitude when they walked in and just wanted to take it out on me and usually did (always tried to save the kids from nasty people) and I always did all in my power to help. You were justified in your review and should not feel bad about it, but when I read bad reviews I try to read between the lines and don’t take them at face value.

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  25. I’ve only written a few reviews, and then only because a business I used (and liked) asked me to review them. And they didn’t specify what kind of review they wanted. As for reading reviews, I do, but I don’t put a whole lot of weight on them, because they can be a) written by idiots or b) written by people with an agenda. But if I read enough reviews about the same company or restaurant, it does give me a little idea of what to expect and whether or not I want to try it.

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  26. I don’t write reviews. I had in the past and then received more unsolicited ads about similar items and that was enough for me. Sounds like you had quite the experience! I think you were justified for what you reviewed. A review is essentially an opinion and we all have a right to that!


  27. Do you write reviews? Yes either really good or really bad. What gets on my nerves is every time I buy something on line I get a ‘please review’ before I have even had time to open the parcel.

    Do you believe reviews or do you take them with a grain of salt? Take the salt, that said you can work out which are true.

    Was I justified in reviewing the person as I did? Oh yes you were

    Do you think I’ll ever write another Yelp review? Go for it.

    Are you annoyed that I used “grain of salt” twice in this post? No, are you annoyed that I copied and pasted the questions, so that I didn’t have to remember them 😃

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