This movie has been restored recently, and as I love movies. Did want to say May the force be with you about a thousand times though…fun film that I’d never seen before
sleepy Betty

28 thoughts on “Highlights of the Week That Was

    1. Sssh….funny story. Guy moved here from Chicago and was sad about no deep dish…so…he opened a place. And it was packed last night…well….socially distanced packed, but you get it

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  1. I love the idea of a bag for your mask to keep it clean.

    I’m from the Chicago area and that deep-dish looks fantastic. I’m not a fan of pizza arguments. I think there’s room for many pizza tastes. But there is nothing like eating pizza AT a restaurant. I am looking forward to that soon. Just got my second shot on Thursday. 🙂

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    1. Yay on shot! I love all things that have crust and cheese….I will never argue, except maybe the best of the genre…like I have a fave New York slice place…and the mask bag!! I don’t know how this is first time I saw one

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  2. I’ve said, well, written it before, and I will again, I am so glad that you share pics of the city with us. I am ready for a trip to NYC, yet, will have to wait a while longer. Deep dish in NYC? Hahahaha. That’s awesome. Gosh, I’m also ready for a trip to Chicago. In time. Excellent recap.

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