Our mattress was so old I believe cave people delivered it to us. So we finally sprung for a new mattress.

First off- we got a very plush pillowtop mattress that is just delightful.

Secondly, our sleep expert told us about this wonderful thing that we really had never heard about- an adjustable mattress base (free if you spend over a certain amount on a mattress)

Ok- first- I admit that my husband decided to upgrade the adjustable base to one that wasn’t free. Meaning, we got a base that not only raises the head of the bed, but it raises the feet as well, putting your knees at a 45 degree angle (or thereabouts)

Apparently there’s all sort of science about sleeping in this position, which we haven’t really looked into but it all sounds really impressive…

But anyway…

I love the adjustable base for when I want to read in bed

So I am grateful to my sleep expert…

I am grateful for my soft, comfy mattress

I am grateful for my adjustable base

I am grateful that the bed got here in four days and the set up people took our old mattress away (meaning we didn’t have to wrap it in plastic as per NYC law, which is a giant pain. (We had to throw out our daughters single bed a few years ago, and even a bed that small is a pain)

Grateful for good sleep!!

48 thoughts on “Gratitude Saturday- April 10

  1. So happy for you! The reading in bed sounds delightful. We need a new mattress too but it’s such a pain in the butt and time consuming to look for one. And expensive. But I suppose it’s worth it once you find the.perfecr one. Happy sleep!

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    1. I will say, we went to Mattress Firm which is a chain here, but not sure what parts of the country they’re in. Our guy was awesome and he made it painless. We told him what we like and our price point and he listened and we got out without spending too much money (or relatively…we could have spent much much more)

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  2. I did the Sleep Number route when I got myself a bed at divorce time, but without any adjustable base. I like the concept of an air mattress inside the outer shell and it does make a difference when my back is bothering me…or my hips…or my knees. Now, with your new reading spot maybe you’ve found a little retreat you can escape to!

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    1. We danced around the new bed issue for literally years. Finally a spring started poking my husband. That was the bed telling us that our relationship was over

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    1. I have a new comforter in the cart…my only problem is that we bought this super mattress protector so the bed feels warmer. I have to figure out if I want cooling sheets or ditch the protector


  3. I miss my waterbed. I can literally sleep anywhere but my husband has a bad back and it is difficult for him to get comfortable and stay asleep. I keep telling him we should try one of those beds and he says they are too expensive. Since he’s the one who has trouble, I’m not going to fight it.

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  4. I got that very same combo a few years ago and really love it too. I now sleep with the head of my bed up a bit and can’t imagine ever not being able to do that. I had never heard of that kind of “base” either. Enjoy!

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