A few months ago Never Not Reading Posted asked if reading makes us better. Simply, is reading more valuable than say, watching TV. I thought this was a pretty interesting avenue to drive down so I thought I’d give it a whirl.

Do we think that people who read a lot are smarter? Better educated? Erudite?

Or are people who spend their time doing other things just as smart?

I can argue that reading words off a page is active…you are pushing your brain more because you are deciphering the letters and words and sentences to make sense of what’s in front of you. To read means that you are paying attention to not only reading the words but understanding the meaning.

Do you engage your brain the same way by watching TV? By listening to a podcast?

How do you describe readers? What words would you use?

How do you describe non readers? What words would you use?

Prepandemic, I read about 5 books a month. During pandemic we all know that my reading was off the charts. I read because I enjoy reading, but it was also one of the few outlets that I had to keep engaged. With the warmer weather and more things opening in New York, I definitely can see that I’m reading less- I only finished one book last week…But with all my reading, did I become “better” or was I just less bored? If I had watched TV that whole time instead of reading, would that have changed the person I am now? Would I be better or worse or would nothing change?

Ok- what are your thoughts on readers versus the rest of the world?

Never Not Reading is on hiatus right now, but if she does return to blogging I will supply her information.

163 thoughts on “I Read…Therefore…

  1. I am biased to thinking readers are better, but I also know that it’s not the only condition. What is being read matters, as well as how it’s been applied. Other things that engage the brain helps just as much, but with reading, you have an improved vocab, can communicate better (sometimes), which makes one sounds smarter.

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  2. I am a reader and it is really interesting. It is my favorite activity. I would just say that simply reading does not make you a better person. The thing that we as readers must implement is thinking about what we are reading because simply reading does not make us educated persons but what we do with what we read makes all the difference

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  3. Reading (or attending to written stories, like audiobooks) is a more active process than watching TV, but not as active as engaging in music. Whether that makes readers better or worse, I don’t know, but it is better to be engaged in my opinion.

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  4. For me, reading started in childhood so I am biased towards reading and that it makes us smart. It just transports us to a realm where we conjure our own characters and scenarios based on the author’s narration, I’ve always enjoyed those journeys within the books.


  5. OMG I finally found you again! I have missed your blog posts. For some reason I was locked out and never got your updated posts. Now I have a lot to catch up on. I have you here on my phone and will have to play with my iPad to check settings.
    Anyhow to answer this post… I think it’s rather sad that so many people don’t read. However, it explains the dumbing down of America and why so many people were duped by a false leader who made up his own facts . If people don’t read, they Don’t learn history, can’t relate literature to life . Then they are not only out of touch and remain intellectually at a standstill, but they deteriorate and stay ignorant. I’m convinced their brain cells die. Reading keeps one sharp as we age.
    I watched a lot of tv during chemo because it affected my eyes and readiness a challenge. What a joy it is now to get back to it.
    I’m convinced the less people read, the more ignorant they become.

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