37 thoughts on “Highlights of the Week that Was: April 4

    1. Starting Tuesday the vaccine is open to everyone over 16. Vaccination process going smoother than I thought it would. People want to enjoy life again. The Courier is based on a true story about the Cold War right before Cuban Missile crisis. My husband and I enjoyed it very much. Good story, good script, good acting. If you like this type of movie it’s an excellent choice. The animated shorts were cute too

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      1. Goodness, you folk are not messing about! I think you and the UK are so far ahead of the rest of the world in vaccination people that it rightly puts the rest of us to shame. I’m over 50 and at best can hope for a jab by end July.

        Yes, that sounds like my type of film!! I shall keep an eye out for it if/when cinemas re-ope here. Thank you.

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    1. It was so cool! My daughter and I were saying that we wish there could be more beloved picture book exhibitions because it was so fun to see it come to life and be able to walk around

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  1. Love the Goodnight Moon! Thankfully, I’m moving through SF during the week when most people are still working so I haven’t seen big crowds with or without masks and everywhere I have gone, there are masks and distance. I love when I “find” things in pictures I’ve taken. Thanks again for showing us New York!

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    1. People are still masking, for the most part. Saturday was the first I’d seen of large gatherings of people, but I know that’s just going to go up….

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  2. Oh how very interesting it all is! I always marvel at all the cool ethnic foods you get to try and all the art exhibits…fantastic! I loved to read Goodnight Moon to my daughter too…..fun to see those shots of the exhibit for that. 🙂

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  3. Thanks for all your pictures of being out and about. We’re almost there. I got my second shot yesterday at the NFL stadium with thousands of other people when I thought most would be enjoying Easter dinner.

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      1. I know I do! I’m looking at flying to Seattle to visit my mom after missing her 88 and 89 birthdays. I can get great flights and hotel, but there’s no guarantee I get into her assisted living. Hopefully soon.

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