As you know, my daughter has been attending college virtually, from her NYC bedroom. You may also know that I have not been thrilled with this arrangement.

Two weeks ago her University sent an email stating that life will resume back at campus in the fall. It may not be the same as before (classes containing over 150 people will continue to be done virtually for the time being), but for the most part, my daughter can attempt to get the college experience that she signed up for…

I am grateful that maybe things can get back to normal…

Here’s hoping that my Husband will soon return to the office

48 thoughts on “Gratitude Saturday April 3

    1. Here’s the problem with that…amidst all this, my husbands office made a planned move from nyc to New Jersey. The office in NJ is still closed by the Governor….😆😆😆😆😆


  1. Small steps… all mean progress. I wonder if it will feel like the first time leaving home all over again for both of you? Having kids come home for a time after that first big “leave” was way less dramatic when they made the move out again. I would say welcome was a better description 😉

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  2. I can relate to that last line. Unfortunately for me my hubby has been on a disability pension for years – there will be no going back to work for him – ever! I have adjusted to his constant presence and I remind myself of the friends who have lost their spouses over the last few years. I know I will miss mine if he goes first. At least I hope I will. LOL

    Living in small spaces with others takes patience, sometimes I have it, sometimes I don’t. We’re all only human. I have to admit to feeling smothered some days – like I cannot breathe in this little box we call an apartment. I sympathize. I really do.

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  3. I’m so happy for your daughter to be able to experience college life in the fall. I feel so badly for the kids missing out on so much this past year. As for husbands, we moved to AZ because my husband could work remotely. If his office reopens and he’s told to return to work — it’s a four-hour commute each way. I don’t think he intends to go back to the office. 😦

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  4. My husband will quite possibly be a work from home from now on guy. His company still hasn’t decided how they are going to do things moving forward. We are kind of hoping he gets to stay at home to save him an hour and a half round trip commute, not to mention saving on all that gas to make that trip.

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  5. 🤣🤣🤣 The university where I teach as an adjunct is planning on being in-seat for the fall semester (hallelujah)! Since Entrepreneur and I work from home anyway (he’s semi-retired), I’m left to find ways to “escape” when needed. I’m becoming a big fan of day drinking!!

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  6. Hahaha. I’m glad to read that about your daughter. My oldest is now doing an internship for Intel completely remote. Difficult. As for the hubby, well, here’s to hoping. 🤣 I don’t think we will be back at the College in the fall, yet, we will see….

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  7. Hey, this means your family will also be starting over again, right? And, if your husband leaves his home office, that will be yet another new start for you. Yeah!

    I hope the good news from your daughter’s school will not have to be walked back down the road sometime. The reason I’m voicing this concern is because both my adult daughters live in Michigan. The younger one is in med school and has already been fully vaccinated. You can imagine how difficult it has been to learn anything remotely and in fact the option to do this will vanish in a few months because she will be starting a rotational clerkship which will have her actually being present in several area hospitals.

    The other daughter is halfway vaccinated but has been “forced” by her employer to show up at her (nearly empty, thank God) office for the past few months. She has always been careful and followed all the precautions, though many of her coworkers have not,

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    1. If my daughter isn’t back in campus in the fall I will no longer pay for that particular university. She can find someplace else to matriculate. We are going to be liv8ng with this forever… we have to figure it out

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