I sort of pride myself on my limited use of social media. I made up a certificate and proudly magnetized it to my desk….

LA hereby decrees that she keeps her social media usage to less than an hour a week



I blog every day.

So the question is:

Is WordPress social media?

I obviously don’t thing it is. I think of WordPress as being more informational. We go to WordPress to hear people’s stories, listen to their issues, learn about things we did not know.

But am I….what’s that word that I don’t like to use when talking about myself….hmmm…oh yeah…

Am I wrong?

Could I be mistaken about something?

So simply…

Is WordPress social media?

Yes or no?

Why or why not?


191 thoughts on “Social?

  1. Actively engaged with other people is what makes the social part. The fact that your reader can comment/like is not doable with a hard copy of a book. It’s interaction that is the foundation of any social activity. The way every platform evolves is just a mirror of human behaviour.

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  2. Yes wordpress is a social media platform as we get to socialize with ppls reads poetry and so much more but it’s a positive social media platform as there’s always no room for negativity I just love word press🤩🤩

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  3. Getting to know more people around the world through a platform definitely comes under social media .
    But WORDPRESS is really not that negative and competitive . It’s very warming and very welcoming.
    You will see less of the people here who will make fake accounts to just stalk others or to comment negative/bad about others.

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  4. I feel that WordPress has a duality. It is, in a sense, another for of social media, as we post our literary adventures and seek responses from the community and follow those who seem to have similar writing interests, but at the same time, it is different from sites like Instagram or Twitter because it is more informative and opinionated and a place for discussions and intellectual conversations.

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  5. Yes, it is a social media too. It is a platform to connect with people. But I guess, WordPress has a lot of substance rather than what you see on facebook, twitter, and the like. 😅

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  6. Yes, because that’s how I find people I think I could socialize with i.e. like. Only other social media I indulge in is Facebook. The main reason I do that is to find out what people I used to socialize with (most of whom no longer fall in that category) are up to.

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  7. It is social media. There is a possibility tho that it is a more authentic social media. I’m actually new to this so I don’t know who runs the app. But if the content here is free speech and without agenda it is a more free thinking platform of expression

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