Where do I start?

Grateful that the snafu between the emergency room and the vestibular rehab center was resolved. Had my first VT on Wednesday. Therapy was great, but therapist not sure if I actually have BPPV. Need to now see an ENT to find cause of crystal issue.

Grateful that New York state increased COVID eligibility requirements to 50+ and I got my vaccination on Thursday!

Carry on!

50 thoughts on “Gratitude Saturday

    1. Thank you!! I was just thinking about you when I got vaccinated and thought maybe one day Jay and I can sit over hit beverages and waste as hour or so most pleasantly

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  1. Hope you get some answers soon and hope you arenโ€™t dealing with dizziness or anything. I get it every now and thenโ€”maybe once or twice a yearโ€”but it doesnโ€™t last more than a day. Glad you received your vaccine! I got mine on Thursday as wellโ€”the first one anyway. ๐Ÿ‘

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      1. Thereโ€™s all sorts of rumors. Some say young people are affected worse. Some say itโ€™s modern a with more 2nd dose issues. Iโ€™m hoping for the best and keeping Tylenol handy

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  2. Had to look up BPPV which is described as mostly occurring in “older” people. One source said over 50, another one said over 60. Clearly not what I would call a “benefit of aging” as opposed to earlier eligibility for Covid shot. Got my 1st at Dodger Stadium because, at the time, I wasn’t old enough to qualify at Kaiser, who did my mom’s on the same day. Shortly thereafter, though, when I checked with Kaiser to confirm Mom’s 2nd appointment, the threshold had been lowered to 65 so I was able to get mine there a few days after Mom. Finally, just to put a bow on my well-earned laziness/lack of organization, I misplaced the “golden get out of jail free” card with the “official” record of my shots. Luckily, same day as I discovered this, I was able to access records with this info from both sources. Of course I had remembered to put Mom’s card in a safe place earlier and could have sworn I’d don the same with mine. That’s where my golden blue (only paper available at start of pandemic) 2 page ticket is now also stored. And I bet I’ll stumble across the real card sometime later.

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      1. Please. New York State has a vaccine app. My daughter has the Walgreens app for hers, plus thereโ€™s an app for sporting events

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