Let’s see…do I have anything to be grateful for this week?

  1. Good health
  2. I only ate hospital food for one day
  3. My family finally hung up my coat which had been on the chair since Sunday
  4. blogging family willing to take me in on my tour
  5. ability to sit at my computer without tilting left
  6. HBO MAX
  7. extra wide egg noodles with butter
  8. youtube tutorials of Brandt-Daroff exercises
  9. drugs to get me in MRI
  10. March Madness

49 thoughts on “Gratitude Saturday March 20

  1. LOL about #3 and I’m guessing you mean the basketball March Madness, not my blog which I have titled March Madness for this month. That’s okay. Glad you are feeling well enough to update us. We are grateful for that :). Happy Saturday LA.

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  2. The power of gratitude. March madness is exciting and I enjoy it. In my house though it competes with curling. Over 3 million Canadians curl although the popularity in some provinces has declined. The Scotties and Briar are big events and soon world curling competitions. I am glad you are home and back at your desk, typing, reading. I hope the internet delivers you the glazed cinnamon bun and chai tea I sent you to keep you calm during the last two minutes of close games. hugs.

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  3. I had an MRI scheduled – first time ever. I knew I was slightly claustrophobic but I was wrong I am VERY claustrophobic! Had to make them stop the machine I HAD to get out. Never again without drugs of some kind! I haven’t been on WordPress for a bit so I don’t know what’s going on with you but I wish you well!

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