46 thoughts on “Happy St. Patrick’s Day

      1. Omg! I went to NYU emergency room where my care was medicine and that I needed to go to NYU therapy. NYU therapy doesn’t have the prescription to authorize my treatment. I might have a stroke trying to get this resolved

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      2. Ughhhh. I’m so sorry.

        If you’re willing to try at home treatment, I have a YouTube tutorial that has helped me many times in the past for flare ups.

        As someone who has had physical therapy for vertigo, this was what they had me do in PT for vertigo.

        Look up Eppley’s Maneuver. Bob and Brad are on YouTube and they are a great resource as well.

        If you’re uncomfortable trying it, I totally understand! But if your vertigo doesn’t get better and you can’t work anything out with prescriptions and such, it might be worth a try for your sanity?

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      1. Secret: I sorta love following animals on instagram. Especially if there is cuteness overload. I have a neighbor, don’t even know them, but their dog Gunner, a golden doodle, is outstanding. Will the cat get some guest spots on Betty’s page!?

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  1. Ah! Look at that. I sent you a message this morning, checking in on how you are doing and feeling, and here is a post! Awesome. Happy belated St Patrick’s Day! Hope you are healing, and feeling better, my friend. Be well, LA.


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