Two weeks ago my Father was able to get his first vaccine shot. Pfizer.

Yesterday my Husband was able to get his first vaccine shot. Moderna.

I am grateful to all those who have worked incredibly hard over the past year to come up with vaccines.

I am grateful to all those who chose to participate in drug trials.

I am grateful to all those who have assisted in distributing the vaccine.

I am grateful to all the people staffing the vaccine centers.

I am also grateful that my husband has asthma.

I am grateful that we are all on our way to some sort of normal.

Hoping for podcast recording soon!

27 thoughts on “Gratitude Saturday March 13

  1. My mother got her first Pifzer shot last week, so I’m grateful too. It’s been a constant worry for me, bringing her groceries and visiting, if I would be bringing her COVID too. We are still doing the 90 plus group, as not much supply here, so I won’t likely be until June or July. I did not qualify as an essential caregiver as we don’t share the same address, but if she was in a nursing home and I visited once a week, then I would have been eligible for the shot too? That does not make sense to me, but you know health unit rules…. Her second shot is stretched to five weeks, but I’m grateful there will be a second shot, as some countries are delaying it for four months!

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    1. NY opened up asthma and certain preexisting things on March 1. This week we reduced the age to 60 and above. I’m guessing two weeks for me to be eligible. So far so good

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  2. I share your gratitude. I received my first shot a couple of weeks ago, and before having outpt surgery – grateful the immunization started before my time in the hospital. I feel sorry for, and grateful for, all of the health practitioners too


  3. I am grateful that we have leadership that is pushing manufacture and expansion of programs and opening availability to everyone 16 and over asap.


  4. I am grateful I have my first appointment tomorrow at 5 a.m. Our county opened up a new age group last week 55-64. But the appointments are from midnight to 6 a.m. I’m grateful to get one regardless of the time!


  5. I whole heartedly agree with you LA, I had the Astra Zeneca jab and very grateful……….. I’m also grateful to Boris Johnson’s government for throwing ALL resources at getting the UK vaccinated, I’m not a fan of politicians but they’ve done it the British way, quietly and organised. You may receive the phone call at 7 in the morning or 7 at night, could be at a Mosque Cathedral surgery or football ground and rightly so they’re on message without anyone piping up about side effects etc, it’s the only way out of this mess and unlike the rest of Europe the British public are happy to play along. Vaccination is the only way out!!!!


    1. ……….I don’t wish to sound tooo smug lol, Europe is accusing us of having more than our fair share of vaccine (possibly true), the rule of thumb for how politics works in the EU is if things are ‘going tits up’ ALWAYS blame the British. 😀


  6. Congrats! The four of us living together have all had both doses (well, technically the youngest gets her second dose today). Also grateful that most of my friends are old and that means they were able to get the vaccines as well so we can actually meet for coffee or a dinner soon!


  7. I add my sense of gratitude to yours! They are giving AstraZeneca vaccines here but unfortunately due to hubby’s chronic conditions they do not recommend this particular shot for him. (or anyone with chronic conditions) I am hopeful that either Moderna or any other vaccine that will be acceptable arrives in our neck of the woods soon.


  8. So glad! My husband and mother have had both their shots. Here in Missouri, the cut off age is 65, and they don’t plan on lowering it, so I’m in the last group…”phase 3.” Hopefully it doesn’t take us too long to get ther.


  9. So happy for you!! My aunt and uncle just got vaccinated as well. I haven’t been vaccinated yet, and honestly I don’t think it’s coming soon because I’m in the lower risk zone. I’m so happy to hear about how well your life is going so far. ❤


  10. Me too! So many have worked so hard to keep us safe during this pandemic and to bring it to an end (hopefully soon)! I am grateful that my mother-in-law and siblings have all had their vaccinations. My husband and I have an appointment on the books for our first shot later this month.


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