I’m giving you the long version of this story.

My husband loves dry rub, barbecue sauce and the stovetop smoker. So, for Valentine’s Day, I got him a subscription box to a company that sends you dry rub, bbq sauce and wood chips every month. They also send a little snack. This month we got some sort of smoky popcorn. Last month we got beef jerky sticks.

So I was dusting the living room wall unit and I discovered that the two beef jerky things were in the wall unit. Why? I can only think that my Husband chose to save this particular gift for posterity because I normally don’t give Valentine’s Day gifts, but I’d bought myself a pasta maker so I figured there would be quid quo pro…

So I took the beef jerky and put it in the kitchen. We keep snacks on the top shelf and I sort of tossed the jerky up there because I was too lazy to get out the stepstool.

The next day I was making a cup of tea. The tea had steeped, I’d added in my hot milk, and I wanted to put in a sugar cube. I opened the cabinet and one of the beef jerky sticks fell out of the cabinet and into my tea.

Million to one shot…

Tea went splashing everywhere- the dog is trying to lick it up and all I could think was “Oh no- not a caffeinated puppy…

So I am grateful that the beef jerky stick was wrapped in plastic…


44 thoughts on “Gratitude Saturday

  1. You may have just invented a thing: beef jerky tea.
    This reminds me of a commercial in the ’70s about someone walking around carrying a jug of peanut butter (as you do) and someone carrying a bar of chocolate. They run into each other on the street and that was how the peanut butter cup was invented! πŸ˜‰

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  2. That sounds like something that I would do! Be glad you don’t have a cat! He would have shredded the beef jerky, then knocked it into your tea, then smacked the entire cup off the counter! Although if he’d shredded the jerky first, the rest wouldn’t have happened πŸˆβ€β¬›πŸˆβ€β¬›


  3. I can’t focus on the jerky..I just listened to your podcast and I LOVE IT!!! You have an accent that reminds me of a housewife of either New Jersey or New York.. (That does NOT mean you are LIKE one of those ladies, it’s just I don’t personally hear that accent very often..except on TV) Are you from NY or NJ? Anyway- it’s actually so great to hear a voice connected to the writing.. just adds “dimension” to your “character.” Good for you for figuring out how to do that! I’M IMPRESSED!!

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      1. I’m guessing elocution lessons at some point. Honestly, my daughter barely has an accent. You know she’s from the northeast, but after years of debate, law team and public speaking her accent is flat and she enunciates very clearly

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  4. So, you stole your husband’s snacks and you nearly scalded the puppy. Moral of the story is not about step stools, it’s a universal lesson for all wives about leaving our stuff where we put it. That way we can still find it when we want it next year. Mess with our stuff and karma will get your puppy!

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