Late morning Tuesday I went to work on something on my computer. When I opened my laptop I could not find the cursor…

I am not the most tech savvy person in the world. I pretty much know how to turn on a computer and find the internet, so things like lost cursors haunt me. I researched it for a bit, tried the old reboot method and nothing.

So I got on my ipad and started a chat with ASUS…

I was on with the tech for about an hour- they had me trying everything. Go into this drive and that window and blah blah blah. They kept saying “Did you try F9?” They kept asking me to install a mouse which I kept insisting that I DID NOT HAVE…

The tech appeared stymied.

At some point I got disconnected from tech chat…

I just started randomly trying things…


The key that I needed to hit was F6…

F6 and F9 are not the same…

I am grateful that I realize that sometimes there is a correct answer…

and I’m grateful that I got my cursor back…

FYI- you can now find me on spotify…

61 thoughts on “Gratitude Saturday

  1. Sounds like your Tech was dyslexic.
    (S)he really worked with you on your problem which also merits a bit of gratitude.
    I’m glad your problem is now corrected and didn’t devolve into the ‘blue screen of death’.
    Now **that’s** really worthy of gratitude!

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    1. Agreed…though really…before I got a tech I had to supply my serial number and model of computer. If you’re a tech you should be able to see that in my model F9 is Lock Screen and F6 is unlock touchpad….they keep telling me to install a mouse…which I don’t own….probably should say that….off to update…

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  2. I am so happy someone likes the New Yawk inflection which I hear about every time I open my mouth and the word coffee comes out. I used to think if one more person asks me, ‘are u from New Yawk?’ go with the flow, I guess. If you can’t beat them, join them. I lose my cursor on the chrome book from work. It is a catch on the bottom that you must touch the build in mouse pad twice.

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    1. I’m debating how I want to do it. I think I may blog in the morning and then do the podcast at night with added thoughts after I hear comments, and add the link the next morning. Still thinking it out

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      1. That’s why I’m thinking I’ll discuss points people brought up, but I’ll do it sort of unscripted…which if I don’t edit myself could be interesting…

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  3. Reminds me of a friend the other day. His cat decide to try and write a novel by walking across his keyboard. Apparently, the cat hit just the right combination of keys to completely mess up his display. He posted asking friends for help. Funnily enough, I’d managed to do the same thing in the past through a combination of random, kind of stupid things, so I had a solution for him, but it wasn’t something that some of his more tech savy friends had heard of before, so it was a complete fluke that I could help.

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  4. Unfortunately I don’t know how to get sound on my computer, but I’m sure it is great.

    I recently rested something on a key board and locked it. Couldn’t unlock it so ended up throwing it away and using one of the several spares w have accumulated over the years.

    I am not good with technical stuff… 🙂

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  5. I lose my cursor now and then, too, after my computer has done some update or another. It’s very annoying! Eventually it comes back, but meanwhile, I’m stuck. I’ll have to try hitting the F6 button. Or hey, if that doesn’t work, then I’ll go for the F9…..LOL!

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  6. Technology is a necessary evil and when it doesn’t work, it drives home just how dependent we are on it. Most of my issues are PICNIC issues….Problem In Chair, Not In Computer. I got a new iMac last month and am still finding little settings I need to tweak! 😎

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  7. Pretty impressive way to branch out there, LA. I’m not Aussie, but good on ya. I suspect it will be difficult to find time and place to give your recordings the attention they deserve so you can voice your thoughts the way I think I read them, with the appropriate speed and tone of voice, gaps and inflections and et al. At least they wouldn’t have background sounds similar to what came through on my BFF’s call to me this morning. She and her retired spouse and family have a small ranch from which the sounds of the goat she had just witnessed being born could be heard in the background, along with the lowing of their cows who were badgering them to be fed, too. She had to hang up abruptly, though, when all of a sudden yet another baby appeared about ready to drop. I have told my friend, who used to have a daycare in her home, that she needs to continue to mother some kind of babies, even if they’re the four-legged kind!
    And I’m always “losing” my cursor, though I didn’t know of this potential short cut to find it when that happens. Will try to keep it in mind for next time.

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