I recently got new glasses-

When you pick up glasses from the optometrist, they always make you try them on to make sure they fit properly and that the lenses are where they are supposed to be. As I was testing them out, they had a magnifying mirror that I was supposed to look into.

Did you ever really look at your eyes and eye area close up?

I had bought a very inexpensive eye shadow to wear during COVID as I was not wearing make up every day. It seemed fine when I paid 2.99 for it…

Until I really really really looked at my eye area.

While I was supposed to be checking my glasses out to make sure I could, you know, see…

All I could concentrate on was the little glistening mica crystals that seemed to form right under my eye. It looked ridiculous zoomed in about 15x normal rate….I mean, was this how I was walking around the past nine months?


My undereye area looked like it had been caught in a glittery dust storm…my eye shadow managed to be everywhere but my eye lid and I hadn’t noticed…

While I realized that my eye shadow game was a clear disaster, I realized something else.

My mascara- amazing. Caught almost every lash.

But the crowning jewel was my eye liner. It was literally and figuratively on point. I mean, the line I drew across my lashline was perfect. Both eyes looked exactly the same liner wise… I didn’t know that eye liner perfection existed…

It was so good to figure out my make up game. I mean is there anything more important than perfecting eye liner?

Oh, BTW…

The glasses are fine too

62 thoughts on “I’m Ready for my Close up

  1. I bought a new eyeliner when mom was getting her surgery done. I love it! I used it at her house and then brought it to my house. I used it once at my house and then it grew legs and walked off. Never to be seen again.


    THEN. My 13yo discovered makeup. She started borrowing some of mine. I told her it was ok, since I use very little (I like eyeliner, mascara and very rarely a nude powder over the my lids) but I’m dark so I use dark brown or blackish brown and black. My child is blond. Her eyes are hazel and in the sunshine they turn green. Her lashes are dark grey. I told her, please ask me before you borrow my stuff, and also, may I get you some of your own stuff! lol

    But yes, I know about the closeup thing. I refuse to put makeup on in a room without natural light because you always look so dramatically different in natural light than you do in a fake-light dark room.

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    1. It’s amazing when you really zoom in and see where your make up actually is. My daughter is a Sephora addict. She could probably sell people stuff from her vanity. During high school everyone gave her Sephora gift cards for her birthday. The joke was if she was running late it was because she was still working on her liner

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  2. Reminds me of a fabulous business dinner my husband and I went to years ago. It was held at a historic hotel in the city, the food was OMG good and each seat had a huge welcome basket on it full of local specialities..(chocolates, wine etc.) We were at a table with some very important people and I was having a thrilling time. I was all dolled up for the occasion..special emphasis placed on more dramatic and darker make-up.When we got home I floated into the bathroom, turned on my 10X mirror to remove my make-up and realized I had black mascara flakes ALLLL over my cheeks.. so yeah..not quite as bad as something hanging out of your nose..but needless to say I went out the next day to secure a fresh tube of better mascara..UGH!!!!!!!

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  3. I don’t usually wear make-up but my one indulgence is eyelashes, I go once a month and have them “augmented”, so they look longer and fuller. I do nothing but get up and put my glasses on! Once the eyes are right the rest is easy, maybe some lipstick for special occasions, which is never because I sit home and work most days! C

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  4. I rarely wear makeup after I turned 40 — except when we go out. Eyeliner, never! Mascara almost never. It was because of my life of wearing hard contacts. As soon as I’d put eye makeup on my eyes turned bright red!

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  5. I haven’t been able to wear eye makeup for years. It makes me so sad, but I’d rather go without than have my eye issues flare up and walk around looking like my eyeballs are oozing blood for weeks. I can get away with it once in a great while if I’m only going to be wearing it for an hour or two tops. Now, I’ve gotten so used to going without, that no matter what I do, it looks weird when I do wear it. I think part of that is the changes age has brought on in my eye area since I was last able to wear make up on a regular basis. As for the magnifying mirror, that is exactly why I love the macro photography so much. You can get up close to the things you wouldn’t normally see and find out all kinds of fun and interesting things along the way.

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      1. Yeah, I can definitely see that! My daughter gets irritated at me if I try to get a photo of her eye or something because she invariably finds a blemish she is unhappy about, like I intentionally focused on that. lol!

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  6. I do love my eye makeup. I use a variety of colors, mostly muted and carefully think how long before I buy my next palette…on the other hand, I am not getting rid of my lipstick. It was a little expensive, so I am hoping I will be able to wear it before 2022 for show that is.

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  7. I have deep set eyes so I never wear eye liner, and find it almost impossible to find a nice matte eye shadow that isn’t a boring beige….most of them are far too sparkly. But then I don’t have a Sephora store close by!

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  8. Ha! That’s interesting. The last time I was at the eye doctor, I picked out a pair of new glasses, and the optometrist said something like, it takes real guts to wear those… hahahaha. And, then? The team I work on said, oh, those look great. Matter of perspective? πŸ˜‚ Have a great evening, and Sunday, LA.

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