Where I ate brunch yesterday but forgot to take food pics…
Homemade macaroni
Can’t get this song out of my head this week

28 thoughts on “Highlights of the Week That Was February 21

  1. LOL – Were you able to read all of those books in one week? I need to read faster. Show choices looked good. First two I have not seen, the last one, “Behind her Eyes,” keeps popping up on Netflix. What did you think… what did you like the best. It’s Sunday, I can watch one of them. Thanks, cute photos.

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    1. Nah…this is just what I finished this week. Some books take a while (I’m reading one book that taken me three weeks and I still have 100 pages left, and it’s not a long book😆. Hmmmm….I don’t know if any of these are really worth watching if you have limited time. Did you watch All creatures great and small on PBS? I think that’s quite good. Also, One Night in Miami. And if you were a fan of Karate Kid, you should watch Cobra Kai

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      1. Oh, GOOD IDEA, I love Cobra Kai. I saw they came out with Season 3. Such a great idea to continue the story… years later. I saw the two main characters interviewed. They are a lot of fun and their are enjoying their “come back.” Thanks for the other recommendations. Books – I have a couple going at the same time (audio and old fashioned reading). Some days my mind is “in it,” and other days, I have to keep rereading, then I just close the book – Tomorrow is another day! 🙂 Have a nice Sunday!

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  2. You mentioned above the new (remake, if you’re old enough to remember the original PBS series years ago) PBS Masterpiece Theatre “All Creatures Great and Small”. Hubby and I are enjoying this in real time broadcast immensely. A great ‘remake’ but not to usurp the old show OR the books which I’ve read. I like that it shows more real scenic views and that it’s not all filmed ‘on set’ though how that got pulled off during these Pandemic Days is anyone’s guess.
    Anyway – I noticed your choice of “The Long Song” I’ve been debating whether or not to commit to this new PBS series in real-time or just wait and binge watch later. Your thoughts? Seems a tad more on the emotionally taxing side of quality art and I’m just maxxed out on emotional stuff right now!
    I’ve been invested in ‘Call the Midwife’ for years and the Pandemic messed that all up…I know not anything life shattering, but in trying to live this isolating life and not add to the burdens of those encountering life shattering events it kinda matters a little bit to little old me…

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    1. All creatures is just so charming! I love all the characters…it just makes me feel. The long song is fine, but great but not painful to watch either. But I don’t exactly recommend it either…it’s way to slow and I almost forget about the point of it. I love Call the Midwife…I just get wrapped up in it!

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    1. It wasn’t a monitor but it was monitored like…and delicious. The French toast and the chicken sandwich were stupid good. Blonde…that mural is across from a where CBGBs was

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    1. Ok…first…what are you in the mood for? Charming characters- All creatures great and small on PBS. Kitsch and fun- Cobra Kai on Netflix. Dark and twisty- Flight Attendant (hbo max)intelligent and well thought out- One Night in Miami netflix

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