The other day Claudette asked “what is the most interesting thing about you”. As I am the least interesting person in the world, I had to really think about this…

And think…

And think…

Finally, I realized that I do have the ability to write a post about just about anything. I wrote three- 3- three posts inspired by my stove… I’m not saying they’re Pulitzer worthy or anything…but I can be inspired by just about anything

Is this a blessing or a curse…I don’t know…


I am grateful that I am usually able to make something out of nothing and am able to fairly effortlessly put words onto the page every morning

42 thoughts on “Gratitude Saturday February 20

  1. You have the ability to elicit conversation and debate, I’ve tried that and failed. Like, people are confused by the artist asking for input or debate . So I stopped trying and accept whatever conversations come about in threads. So yeah LA, you are an incredibly interesting person to read on the daily.

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