My daughter and best friend recently shared a video with me. It just about summed up the new normal for me:

Some of you may have seen it, for the rest of you, hope you enjoy…

I am grateful that I saw this video!

Hoping that you can view it! You may have to go directly to my page- you know the drill…

I know people don’t always agree on humor. I know that people don’t always agree. I thought this was funny. If you don’t, no worries…I’ll still accept and respect you…

Please watch responsibly

51 thoughts on “Gratitude Saturday February 13

    1. This was funniest thing Iโ€™ve seen in awhile. My daughter and I cried laughing watching the cats lips move and the eye movement. I saw an interview with the judge and he said thereโ€™s a reason heโ€™s not in the picture….๐Ÿ˜‰

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  1. Hubby brought this one to my attention earlier…I have to applaud the cat’s colleagues for not bursting out in full blown laughter…but if you look closely enough, you can see their struggle for restraint!
    Good thing it was only a cat and not some other inner persona!

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    1. I saw the judge…he said he had to turn off his camera because he was laughing so hard. Apparently it was the computer of the judges assistant who has a young daughter who uses the computer

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  2. There’s an insurance company commercial that did a take on this situation. May not be available in your area. Lots of yellow, the guy has sort of a sleazy 70’s look and it features his coworker- an emu. They also do one on the beach playing volleyball. I’ll look for it.

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