Betty seems to be a fan of All Creatures Great and Small
This song became an earworm this week
I was loving this song

I did not include my spotify playlist this week because apparently one of the artists I included is now on a persona non gratis list. Until I am more aware of the situation, I will leave the list off

The polling feature is a little wonky, but the question of “Should smokers be one of the first groups to receive the vaccine?” was mainly “No” but I don’t feel confident in the accuracy. Hopefully I will have a new question to annoy you with next week…

47 thoughts on “Highlights of the week that was February 7

    1. Ok. Here’s my issue with Ma….script…great. Acting…stellar. However I don’t like the way it was directed. I agree it was play like, but I want it to be movie like. If you’re going to direct it as a play, them just film it as a play, with minimal sets and changes. I felt it lacked nuance

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      1. I hate to butt in this convo, but I was gonna ask what your opinion of Ma Rainey was. For some reason, it was too play-like (which it is), but some filmed plays don’t feel like a play. They feel like movies, and I couldn’t figure out what happened here. There was also criticism of Davis wearing that fat suit and not looking natural.

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      2. It was too play like! That was my problem…it felt flat, the change of scenes didn’t feel natural. They didn’t utilize camera angles or close ups…everything was done from a distance, so you didn’t feel the characters. If they wanted to direct it like a play, they should have used minimalist sets…wall, piano, window. The scene that takes place in the street should have been heard through the window, show a silhouette of the agent paying off the cop…I think it would have been more powerful like that…like it’s in the shadows Davis has the slimmest arms, so yeah, the fat suit was distracting. Let her be her own size, just dress her the same way.

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    1. Ha. Supposedly, one of the artists I put in the list was recorded as saying a racial slur. He has since apologized but apparently everyone is dropping him. I don’t know enough about the situation, so I figured until I learn how to navigate things like this I’ll leave the playlist off

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  1. What a quote! That’s definitely something to think about. I love the picture of the pup with a shoe. Our yellow lab would get caught with the bathroom trash can hooked to his collar and he’d give that same look. “Who me?”

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  2. Well, if I’m seeing your post correctly, I’ve watched The Martha’s Vinyard Mysteries. Not be cause they are exceptionally good, but because I’m starved for mysteries and the male protagonist is cute. I’m Shallow, I know. I watched travelers a few years ago when it first came out and enjoyed it. Anything to with time travel, I love. Your pets are adorable.
    As far as smokers getting the vaccine… while I hate smoke of any kind… and don’t get why people still do it, they should not be discriminated against for having an addiction. That would be like refusing me the vaccine because I’m fighting cancer and might die anyways. You can’t do that. Everyone should have access to the vaccine.
    That’s like that deductive reasoning game where a group is given a list of ten people but have to pick only 5 to save the world. Each person lists who they would select and why, to go onto a space ship ( or in a bomb shelter depending on the game) to survive a deadly bomb blast and start up life on a new planet. It’s a really interesting psychological exercise.
    For instance the only doctor is quite old, there’s a nurse but she’s suffering from cancer, a pregnant woman… I can’t remember the rest off the top of my head. But people become callous when eliminating others. It’s quite eye opening. Ultimately the lesson is that you really can’t play G-d in any situation. But, sometimes, in war for instance, it has been done. Right now, we need to make the vaccine available to everyone. (The game had the players try to pick people that would develop a new society).

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    1. I always watch the Hallmark murder mysteries because I too am starved for an old fashioned murder mystery. I love them! Some states are allowing smokers to be vaccinated ahead of other groups, including people over 65 and some essential workers, and there’s been a backlash to not have them come before others. I thought I’d put it up for thought. I will look for the game/quiz though!!


      1. Yes, I started watching Halmark mysteries when they put on The Aurora Teagarden mysteries. I read that series years ago. It’s by Charlaine Harris who wrote the Sookie Stackhouse mysteries. I read those long before True Blood became a hit. I’ve always loved mysteries. It is fun to see the characters come to life. The Halmark channel these days has gotten pretty conservative. It used to be better. But, when you miss a good who done it you aren’t picky. Lol

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  3. We have been watching Travelers also. Interesting show. I love your city pictures!!! Snow in Mew York looks beautiful! The pasta looks awesome. I have the pasta attachment but haven’t used it yet. Looks fun! Have a great week!

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    1. I really liked it. I thought the acting was amazing..the guys who played Ali and Malcolm X were outstanding. I thought the dialogue and chemistry was great. My real problem was silly…. couldn’t imagine Ali having just fought to not be bruised up and under ice…what did you think?

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      1. I liked it…a lot. So this is a good example of what I was saying above. This was also a screenplay, but didn’t seem screenplayish.

        I think Ali was like that a lot. He always talked about how pretty he was and relished in the fact that his face was rarely messed up lol

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