My Mother in Law fell the other day. We are not exactly sure what happened, but she ended up on the floor in her bedroom and had to go to the hospital. She received a partial hip replacement.

I am grateful that she is back home and on the mend! I am grateful that her partner is a solid and responsible caregiver.

38 thoughts on “Gratitude Saturday February 6

    1. Thank you! My husband talked to her yesterday and she seems ok…a little loopy, but fine. I sent her some books so hopefully she’ll be able to read


  1. We went through this a couple of years ago with my FIL. I hope she has a full recovery and that this doesn’t impact her mobility. We are now in a position to have to push my FIL to consider moving since he no longer does well on stairs. Weirdly, it is because the surgery put too much stress on his knee and messed it up and not because of any lingering hip issues.

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  2. As I thought and almost said on your post re distractions – life happens. Glad her care was not added on to your other responsibilities and distractions and feelings about your own mom. Sorry, I couldn’t resist that last bit!

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