You know what I love? I love it when a company comes up with a solution to a problem that has plagued us all.


I am grateful that they have come up with a template for helping people address their envelopes…

Finally I will not have anxiety when I need to send out a letter or such…


36 thoughts on “Gratitude Saturday January 30

  1. How many people write letters these days? Maybe I do it a few times a year to pay taxes. And there are always self-addressed envelopes and return address stickers when paying monthly bills. That’s if you don’t pay them all online. I’m not going to buy stock in this company right away.

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  2. I remember when my kids were around middle school age, and I realized they had no clue how to write a letter or address an envelope. It’s a life skill that isn’t taught in most schools anymore. I had pen pals in first grade thanks to our teacher.

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    1. I made my daughter write old school thank you notes from the time she could write. Though I’m guessing she would still send the envelope through the computer printer if she had to

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      1. OH, those dreaded thank-you notes! I (Santa) used to put a pack in each of my kids’ stockings every year..I told them only to send thank-you notes to the people they wanted gifts from the following Christmas- haha.

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      2. That’s definitely generational (ours…I think we’re in somewhat of the same generation, X?). I made mine call and say, thank you. But I found out when my oldest graduated high school that she had no clue how to address an envelope because she never had to.

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      3. I know from my millennial neighbors, that they never open their mailboxes because they just don’t get physical mail. And I filly admit I rarely mail anything. But…at least I know how

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  3. I knew there was a lack in my life. My co-worker prints out many of his address labels at work – I just thought he was lazy and wasteful, but he might merely be untrained. We did lessons on letter writing and addressing letters at school. An donly yesterday I blogged how I was feeling old…

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  4. Is it a case of “too little, too late”? I rarely write a letter, very rarely. Perhaps at Christmastime, but the one aunt I used to send letters to dies in November so I highly doubt I have need of this. It’s a strange world.

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  5. Should I admit it? When I was in elementary school, we would use a ruler to mark light lines on an envelope so that our address would be straight on the envelope. These days, if you are allowed to teach penmanship, it is unusual.

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