At the end of 2020, I wrote a blog where I talked about the influencer book club picks, and which ones I liked the best. One of my blog friends said that she shied away from what influencers pick because she thinks they recommend books based on an outside agenda- and that she prefers recommendations based on “real people.”

Ok- I admit I’ve never been overly impressed with books that real people have recommended- but maybe this was something worth looking at…


I am instituting a new monthly feature- on the last Friday of each month I am going to look over the books that I read. I am going to rate them in the order that I liked them, and if I remember, I’m going to say where I got the recommendation to read it. (going forward I am making it my business to note where I heard about the book- but expect a lot of ‘I don’t remember’.

Now when I say the books I liked, this does not mean the books that would be considered best-this means the books that I liked the most. Also, when I say “like” it does not mean that it’s a feel good, happy book. When I say that I liked a book it means it made me feel something- love, anger, sadness, happiness etc…

Having said that, I present to you my month in books:

TitleAuthorHow I heard of bookRating
The PushAshley AudrainGood Morning America Book Club1
Black BuckMateo AskaripourJenna Book Club (Today Show)2
The Lemonade Life: How to Fuel Success, Create Happiness, and Conquer AnythingZack FriedmanIn store browse at Barnes and Noble3
Three Single WivesGina LaMannaIn store browse at Barnes and Noble4
All the Devils are HereLouise PennyNot Sure5
Better Luck Next TimeJulia Claiborne JohnsonBarnes & Noble Book Club6
Little WishesMichelle AdamsIn store browse at Barnes &Noble7
The Answer is…Reflections on My LifeAlex TrebekIn store browse at Barnes & Noble8
OutlawedAnna NorthReese’s book club9
The WeekendCharlotte WoodIn store Browse B&N10
Palms and PomegranatesL.S. CsidaIRL book club selection by person I know11
Influencers take the lead

Because I know you want more… does a year end book bingo sheet. I thought this was a fun idea, so I decided to do a monthly bingo card wrap up of the books I read during the month. This months BINGO sheet is from

As you can see, I did not make BINGO this month. Also, almost all these books were a “New to me Author, but I forgot to highlight that box

51 thoughts on “My Month in Books

    1. If you want a good satire, Black Buck was excellent (though it’s not 100% satire) The push is also an excellent psych type book but I won’t call it a thriller. I just thought it was well done

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    1. First off- yes. I read really fast. As for reading schedule: I always read 30-45 minutes before bed. I usually take a 4pm break where I read for a half hour. But, if I’m on mass transit, I read. If I’m stuck in a physical line, I read. I often read while I’m on the exercise bike. I also read multiple books at a time. So, on the bike this morning I was reading a book about Churchill. Later, I’m reading a mystery. Oh…my top two this month. They are very different but both draw you in! Interested in hearin* your thoughts

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  1. I really like the Bingo card. I reminds me of fifth grade when we had to fill out a wheel on the genre of books we read. We were required to fill out the entire wheel. I got criticized for reading a hundred books all in the same genre — books about girls my age.

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  2. I like the Bingo Card. I’m using PopSecret because I felt I was only reading mystery stories and it helps me choose other things. I have never been able to read multiple books at a time and am in awe of people who can.

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  3. I wrote a long response and my cat pounced on me and I lost it.. argh! That cat! 😻Anyhow, who do you consider your best influencers? I always thought influencers were those young clueless folks on social media who could barely read let alone recommend books. Lol

    I get most of my reading suggestions from friends. I am no longer in a book club so I don’t read as much of a variety as I used to. Now I read strictly to escape or for entertainment so I tend to stay within the same boundaries. (Historical fiction, mystery, paranormal ) But if I hear of a good book I’ll read a summary and decide if I want to invest my time. I have friends who call or text a suggestion saying something is right up my alley and it usually is. I trust their judgement. And then we discuss it afterwards. Plus Amazon constantly sends be notices of books they think I’ll like. I probably should start up a zoom book club these days.

    I love your matrix ( chart). I’m not that organized but my sister is and she’d love it! So I’m sharing it with her. I don’t read nearly as many books a month as you do. I read in waves. I’m a fast reader, if I start a book I need to finish in a day or two. But I am not always in the mood to read these days… my motivation comes and goes….
    Thanks for your post. I must have missed your one from December.

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    1. Well, I’m considering Gma, today show and Reese as influencers because many people will read these books based on their recommendation, but your definition is correct. I used to find all my books my browsing at the book store, but pandemic widened my approach. Plus I do belong to a few book clubs, I wanted to try to branch out what I read. I’ve had many pleasant surprises


    1. Well, you know how it is. What “like” means is dependent on your audience…people have assumptions about what it means…so I just wanted to say straight out. I liked them. Period. Or I hated it. Period

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  4. Excellent. I look forward to reading about your reading, LA. I ended up purchasing the book you recommended some time ago, A Woman is No Man. Have not opened it yet. Will in the next month or so. 😊

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  5. I was gifted a 6month membership to the book of the month club and while it doesn’t offer big selections from which to choose I think it will push me out of my rut. I have also signed onto goodreads and looked at some of the things my friends are reading and this has given me new authors to try.

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