Do you believe in censorship?

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Who has the right to censor someone?

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No one has the right to censor anyone because I believe in the First Amendment


There should be a group formed who determines what speech is and isn’t acceptable


The government


The media


I freely admit that there were wording issues with the above question, as private institutions do not need to allow you First Amendment Rights….just think about that for a moment…

This weeks questions, which can be found if you go directly to my site, deal with issues. Three things were discussed in the past few weeks on social media, the halls of Congress and my blog. I ask you how important are they:

50 thoughts on “Highlights of my week- 1/17

  1. i heard that pastor on NPR include Awomen after Amen. The problem there is Amen is one actual Greek word meaning “so be it”. The trying too hard to be politically correct pastor that said Awomen for inclusion sake, is a complete idiot.

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  2. That puppy!! 💜…the caption under her pic should read “what’s next?” My dog will appear like a spectre out of nowhere with that look.. all day long..WHAT’S NEXT MOM??


      1. If she does, I recommend taking as many practice tests as she can find. I took 13 practice tests before taking the actual exam – timed them as well. You have to get used to that time pressure. It paid off, I scored 160 of 180, which pretty much gave me my choice of schools – they tried to recruit me. Also, she must learn to not overthink, and don’t listen to other people’s bullshit. They will try to psyche you out. Even during the bathroom break when taking the exam, some assholes were trying to psyche the rest of us out, making statements about how easy the test was or talking about specific questions. Guess what, they have you all taking multiple versions of the same test. The question sections are randomized so no one can cheat. Don’t worry about what your neighbor is doing or saying 🙂

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      2. She’s got a year till she actually takes the test. Her university has a reciprocity program with its law school. If she does well enough at school she gets into their law school regardless of her LSAT score. A reason she chose her university

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      1. Slender man is a comic. Two girls stabbed their friend because they thought that was what slenderman wanted. Should we ban stories like this because they incite violence?


      2. Are you suggesting that this comic was telling readers to stab their friends or that these girls were confused and took the message to justify their behavior?
        Also, the president of the United States should be held to a higher standard of not spreading lies and not inciting violence because he has the power and platform to cause massive damage.

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      3. Violence is violence. I have no idea what these girls believed or used as a defense. The point is it’s precedent that this comic was the reason these girls stabbed their friend. On record is that this comic caused violence. Once we use video games as a defense against murder and rape, anything is open. Does big tech have the right to ban a website? Does big tech have the right to suspend a user because someone reported them? Is this guilty before innocent? You’re thinking of this issue as the president being suspended on Twitter. The issue is much larger and broader than this. What if someone reported you because they didn’t agree with something you said? Should you be suspended without reason? I am worried about this subject. That is my right. You don’t have to be. That is your right. For now anyway.


      4. To me the larger issue than censorship, the thing that kept me up nights for four years, that scares me more, is the lies and hate spewed from WH and faux news.
        Is your current concern with censorship because of something else that happened recently?

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      5. I watch things that are more in the middle and recently we’ve been watching BBC and news from Germany because it’s interesting to see a different perspective but I won’t watch a station that is based on spreading lies.

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      6. You don’t care about the question of is big tech exercising power that they shouldn’t? Which is why I watched the show, because I saw that was the highlight question and Tim Cook was the guest. This was the exact topic I’ve been talking about this week. It’s fine if you don’t care about people having a voice. I do. And I don’t care who that person is. Let’s agree to disagree. You think censorship is ok if it suits your purposes. I don’t think we have the right to “tell on” someone because we don’t like what they say. I don’t think we should form a group mentality and ban someone based on something that may or may not be true. I don’t like big tech having the ability to shut down my website if they don’t like what I say, which they have the right to do because they are private. To me that is a very bad thing. I hope no one ever reports you or your website without giving you a chance to defend yourself


      7. Does Apple have the right to shut down a website? Does google? Does Amazon? Are they to be considered private even though they have monopolies?


  3. Censorship (i.e. the loss of our first amendment right) is a crucial issue. To hear MSM bragging about how they are doing it and that they need to pursue it to a further extent adds insult to injury.

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