Yesterday I put Betty in her doggie sling and we went for a walk. I needed to pick up some stuff at Bed Bath and Beyond so we headed over there.

When we got to the store, we entered and went down the escalator (In Manhattan we try to make use of vertical space as much as possible, so all the merchandise is downstairs)

When we got off the escalator I heard a loud CRASH sound. I looked up to see small pieces of something fall on the two people on the escalator.

I assumed a light fixture had exploded so I looked up.

Everything appeared to be intact. Then I saw security and a store employee run up the escalator and they began to say that someone had “broken the showcase”.

Roughly translated, someone broke the front window of the store from the outside. The force of the blow was enough that chunks of window scattered at least twenty feet.

I am grateful that we were not walking 30 seconds later, or I may have had glass fall atop the pup and me.

I am grateful that I was not 45 seconds later or I would have been at the top of the escalator.

I am grateful that I was not 60 seconds later or I would have been entering the store as the person shattered the thick plate glass window…

I am grateful that my timing was just right…

Sometimes you just get lucky

52 thoughts on “Gratitude Saturday January 9

      1. A while back I saw video of kids on bikes attacking a car being driven down a street in NYC. There were other people and vehicles around, but just like an unlucky zebra encircled by tigers, the rest of the herd just gallops away..lucky to chomp grass for another day. The law of the jungle seems to have taken hold..

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      1. Although there is a series called “Fatal Attractions” where animals in the wild turn on their so called friends. Be careful. It is on Prime and a hoot to watch. Taking interest in an owl seems safer than a coyote.

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  1. A friend and I were recently walking on a path at a local park. We passed a woman with a stroller. We walked on for a few seconds, and then heard a crash behind us. A large cottonwood branch had randomly fallen right where we and the other woman with the stroller had just crossed paths. Luck is a beautiful thing. (Though now I catch myself assessing the overhead branch situation wherever I go. Haha.) Glad you were safe!

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  2. Is it luck when you get delayed in traffic, or you forget your keys and spend a few minutes finding them, or your neighbor delays you, or the dog escapes – all time delays only to see an accident unfold – an accident you could have been involved in? I don’t believe in coincidence. Glad you were not hurt 🙂

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    1. Here’s the thing…she’s too young to be fully vaccinated so she’s not supposed to be in the ground where she could get something, yet she has to be socialized. So, the vet recommends taking her for walks in a carrier until she gets her fill vaccinations in about a month

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      1. Sorry, I’d forgotten that modern dogs have to be cossetted until they are fully vaccinated. That’s something I only found out last year. We never used to have to do that, as I recall from having dogs. I think it’s a vet conspiracy…

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