All violence is to be condemned.

Any attack on any governmental building is an attack on the democratic principles which guide our republic, and therefore should be considered treason.

We must utilize the principle’s held within the Constitution and ensuing Amendments to ensure that the Republic remains strong.


45 thoughts on “A Note from LA

  1. Being a graceless loser is one thing, but this?! I had an exchange with a blogger who is Trumpist, but I could see that continuing the conversation, regardless of both of us being polite, was absolutely pointless. Facts don’t matter one bit.

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      1. Don’t hold your breath.LA. I swear she said the violence must have been Antifa. And that Trump didn’t say anything to incite it, and Giuliani’s “trial by combat” was an”unfortunate choice of words.”

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      2. To be fair, I get as much stupid stuff from the left as I do from the right. Both sides say ridiculous stuff that takes away from actually fixing problems. I think we have to stop blaming one another and actually sit at the table and speak. What are the biggest problems. How do we fix them. Until we act rationally, both sides, nothing gets fixed. My city is totally left, liberal and progressive yet the problems are abundant and getting worse. I can’t blame right wing media for what I see happening in front of me. Both sides have good points and bad points

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      3. I agree. The two-party system has failed us. It has led to polarization and stagnation. I really think we would benefit from a true multi-party system. We would get more compromise, and actually get some things done. In the mean time, the two parties need to come together for the common good

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      4. None at all. Here’s a quote from skeptic Michael Shermer: “Smart people believe weird things because they are skilled at defending beliefs they arrived at for non-smart reasons.”

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  2. Thank you! Really this should never have to be said but sadly it must. Each of us have elected officials into those hallowed halls – they represent each of us in the Democracy (even if we don’t vote or didn’t vote for them). If we allow this to go unanswered without punishment then we are not the democracy I and so many have served and sworn an oath to protect from all enemies foreign and domestic. An oath I do not take lightly as a leader nor should any citizen who vote leaders into civil selfless service. Signed this day Paula J. Gray, Major, retired US Army (3 combat tours)

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  3. I don’t believe he will give up and the pledge for the orderly transfer was written by someone else. We need to get him out of there before he does more damage. 13 days is too long to leave him loose in the WH.

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  4. And yet he still has access to the “red button”! Is there anybody out there still that believes he wouldn’t use it as an ‘exit strategy’? Just to make his point that he is omnipotent.

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    1. The voter fraud point is as moot now as it was with the Russian dealings. If the electors thought there really was voter fraud they had the right to vote differently yesterday. I’m tired of getting waylaid by bs. We need to start actually fixing things instead of getting bogged down in stuff that doesn’t matter. Amen. Awomen.


  5. Agreed, LA. When a colleague of mine rushed in the office yesterday with their phone and said something like, you’ve got to see this, I was stunned at the amount of people on the steps, and inside the capitol. Phew. Stay safe and well.

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    1. I know! There’s still a “thing” where people think there’s good violence and bad violence, meaning if they think it’s ok, it’s ok. Unless we stop that mindset we will self destruct

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