As they start to stock up for Valentine’s Day…
A little Chinese on New Year’s Eve- Cumin Lamb– Kung Pau Chicken- Tea Smoked Duck Fried Rice- Sparkling Wine
Betty isn’t so sure about her new coat

Should authors/writers only write main characters/protagonists/heros that are representative of themselves?- ie a male writer can only write about men

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depends on the subject of the book


Haven’t thought about this




Today’s poll (which may only appear on my actual page is about resolutions.

31 thoughts on “Highlights January 3

  1. Thank you for sharing your highlights. The Chinese food is making me cranky that we didn’t have good Chinese food in Palm Springs and don’t in AZ either. In Seattle, we had the freshest, delicious Chinese food. My favorite was Dungeness crab fresh from a tank in black bean sauce.

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  2. Scrolling from the photo display at the Whitney immediately to the photo of the display at the can sense the creative minds behind both carefully arranged groupings…it was just an interesting juxtaposition that stuck out to me. (Gz..what was in my coffee this morning..?)

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    1. My problem with Bridget ton was too much overt sexuality and language. When I watch a period piece I want to be transported to that era. This was like 2021 with fancy clothes

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  3. Love the stained glass houses. I’ve finished my vision cards and will be posting. Happy New Year to you and your fam if I didn’t say it before. Tried to see the video but it didn’t work for me and I didn’t want to download it.

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  4. We started watching Bridgerton and if my social media is any indication, it’s the most popular thing out there. I’m dressing up for our viewings. 😉
    We watched the Netflix Chicago 7 documentary last night and I highly recommend it. Finishing Obama’s latest book in the next day or so. Good, but sooooo long.

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  5. Betty is adorable and I am sure she will get used to her coat, I never met a toy dog that wasn’t a clothes horse. Love your pictoral essays here, those stained glass house look like a child’s dream, love them. Hey, where is kitty?

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    1. Kitty is scared of the dog, so she makes brief appearances in the living room and tends to spend her time in my daughters room which is a dog free zone. When I go in to cuddle with her I don’t usually bring my phone. Plus she crawls right in me and purrs and makes it difficult to do anything

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    1. Dash and lily is just cute and light. Bridgerton is supposed to be Netflix’s answer to Downton Abbey. It has its moments but I think it’s missing the dialogue of other historical fictions

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  6. Your highlights are awesome. That burger looks scrumptious and I love the stained glass house. I’m reading something a little less intellectual in John Grisham’s new book, A Time for Mercy and trying to blog more. Happy New Year to you and yours. I look forward to continuing our virtual friendship this year! xoxoxo

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