I usually get a really fun, rather large planner each year….

And then came 2020-

My planner sat mainly unplanned….I made a valiant effort, yet…. what should have brought me joy brought me heartache and angst….

So this year, I bought a toned down version of a planner. 25% of the cost. 25% of the bulk.

I still have my week on two pages spread, including full days for Saturday and Sunday. This one has the full month on one page with the opposite page for notes, which I think will be helpful.

I am looking forward to having things besides my blog posts to plan for…


I am grateful for my planer…

I am grateful for my apparent optimism about planning…

57 thoughts on “Gratitude Saturday January 2

  1. I bought a planner for the first time in many years for 2021. I was using my phone, and still do, for recording reminders, appointments and such. But I found that I wanted something I could browse in an instant. And seeing my cute planner would make me want to record things in it, right? I even bought pretty little stickers to put on some of the pages for inspiration. 😃
    I also use it as a sort of mini diary to catalog my thoughts and what I ate for dinner each day since I can never seem to remember when I try to recall it on my own these days. Aging!! 🤦🏽‍♀️

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  2. I got a new planner for this year. The one I “made” last year gave me some good ideas and I think I found a good one. It has the month at a glance then it has weekly pages and monthly goal and notes pages. Hope it will keep me on track.

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    1. I do a daily list too. The planner is more for stuff in the future. Or when I need to take steps. I always list what I’m going to blog about, and reminders. I love journals of all sorts!

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      1. Now I start each day with three pages in my journal. I am following the plan from “The Artist’s Way.” I am able to figure out through my morning pages what projects I need to get back to, what steps I need to take, etc.

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  3. I have a wall calendar and it’s a good way to keep track of deadlines, work, appointments, etc. but this year I’m using the one my cousin makes. It’s smaller than the one I made the past few years and has his photography instead of mine. Im not sure if there’s enough room to write and not sure I want his pictures instead of mine to look at.
    Glad you like yours; I’m still not sure about mine.

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  4. Enjoy filling in your new planner, LA. And then following up on all your plans!

    I get so many free calendars in the mail that I use them for all sorts of things. I actually sat down today to write goals and tasks for the year (the bite-sized things). Now I can see why I never finish anything 😉. I haven’t tried this approach, so hopefully it will keep me focused and help me achieve my goals.

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  5. I went from a really fancy large 2020 planner (a gift that I loved) to a bare bones, much smaller planner for 2021. I’ll let you know how it goes – I already miss some of the features from my nice one. But for some reason I felt a need to not be fancy this year. Wishing you a Happy New Year!

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    1. The one I bought is similar to my planner from last year, just a little less. My thought is, if the world goes back to normal I can always pick up a deeply discounted super planner

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  6. Enjoy your planner! I love first few days of the year when you can set up the framework for celebrations, birthdays, projects. I used to be a 7 Habits girl, but now have a wall calender ..with pictures of things and places to see, a one page per week ‘things to do’ daily list, and a journal. 2020 left a lot of empty space on the wall, but lots to reflect on in the journal. Looking for more balance this year!

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    1. I have a planner book, I keep a daily and weekly chores list, and I have a notebook to keep track of other things. It’s a matter if whatever works!


  7. We have 362 days of 2021 to plan a better year..whether the external environment quickly improves or not. Every day matters. I don’t mean fill every waking minute, but as a minimum try and give something useful or kind to those around us.

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  8. I’m not big on planners, but my daughter wouldn’t be able to function without hers. She uses a bullet journal so she can 100% customize it and change it on the fly if needed. If anything, she uses it more now than she did before because she has to self organize and plan being a virtual student.


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