This weeks question is about books/authors: Do you think authors/writers of fiction only write about people just like themselves? If you don’t see the survey you might need to go directly to my page:

Does a book need to have a happy ending to be considered a romance?





Depends on the individual book


Not Sure


54 thoughts on “Highlights December 27

      1. Her mom was only 6 pounds so probably not much…she’s about 4 pounds now….maybe. She goes for shots on tuesday so will know better.


      1. Window displays need to capture your attention and draw you into the display so that you want to go inside, but I always felt that they were a destination unto themselves. They used to run tours into NYC at Christmas to see the window displays.

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  1. Great photos! Your puppy is so sweet. My dog was a black Shih Tzu, and I certainly remember this adorable stage. It was quite a shock the first time he was trimmed, and over the years groomers were found who didn’t change his appearance but worked with it:)

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  2. Such beautiful and colorful images, wonderful to see! I bet it’s so awesome to see in person, but I am grateful to you for sharing them, otherwise I likely never would.

    I answered “no” on your survey because I think it is in trying to put ourselves in another’s shoes is what makes us stretch and grow as individuals, if that makes sense to you. It’s not easy to do and often one has to call on their imagination/creativity.


  3. You got a puppy?! Cute.
    Regarding happy endings for romance: IMO, they don’t need a happy ending but sometimes not getting together IS the happy ending. We recently watched a movie with 2 couples on it and I was hoping one would get back together but the happier ending would have been for the other to stay apart. Not a fan of taking back a man-child!


  4. Interesting question about who “should” write about what. I just finished American Dirt, which was very good. The author got a lot of pushback because she wasn’t Hispanic or from Mexico. I think we can take this “cultural appropriation” a bit far. If the character doesn’t ring true, the readers will know and the writing won’t be successful.

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    1. It’s funny because I didn’t like American Dirt, but not because it didn’t ring through, but because I just thought it was very average…but yes…I think it can get ridiculous


  5. No place does over-the-top Christmas displays like New York! Those are amazing! I never got in to This is Us, but love A Million Little Things. Your calendar page really says it all, doesn’t it? 💜

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  6. oh gosh I agree so much with the results of that poll- it’s such a misunderstanding of the romance genre to say it *has to* end happily- that’s not how you define a romance! A romance can be a tragedy!! Or a comedy! Incidentally whether a book/play is called a tragedy or a comedy actually determines whether there’s a happy ending.
    Love your photos!

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