What I watched this week- It’s not a good show but I’m totally hooked

Do you think that fiction books should include trigger warnings for topics that may be disturbing





Depends on the severity of the subject


Not Sure


Today’s question is again about books: Does a book need to have a happy ending to be considered a romance? If you want to participate you may need to go to my actual webpage.

66 thoughts on “Highlights December 20

    1. The cat is scared of Betty but she’s coming around. If she sees Betty move she runs and hides. We’ve made my daughters book a place where the cat can come and go but the dog can’t so it’s the cats safe space. My guess is the black was intentional. The exhibit was spectacular

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  1. Lots of highlights in this post. Wow on your walking achievement – you earned new shoes ♥ I like the cat, reminds me of my Errol Flynn, miss him. Quotes are fine especially the DSTSS one. Best wishes LA

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      1. I remember bringing one of our puppies home years ago and laying in my bed that night staring at the ceiling listening to him yapping thinking holy $#!^, what did I do??? HAHAHA!!! It was just that one OH NOO moment..had to have it….and then I was good.

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      2. HAHA!!! Funny thing is, our first was so easy and each one got progressively tougher (as babies)..culminating in the fourth who made me feel like a hapless, unqualified fool her colic was soo bad!!! If she had been first, there would not have been a second, third or fourth..😂

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    1. We stopped indoor dining last week, but still have outdoor. The mayor tried to ban outdoor diners from using the indoor bathrooms……luckily they overturned that…


  2. And still another great diverse playlist, I love that classical music is thrown into the mix. Your playlist remind me of the time I went to a music store and bought a rap cd, a punk cd and an opera and the clerk asked if I needed anything gift wrapped, when I said they all for me they were really confused lol

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    1. C D E F G A B…..every song is composed of the same notes….therefore,all intertwined in some way…it’s a beautiful thing that we can create so much diversity beginning with really so little

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      1. My theory is far fetched. I think
        it’s his friend he keeps calling to ask about and give information on the drug group. I think his friend is in on it. I only think that because all the others seem to obvious! What do you think?

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      2. I have not! But I’m looking for a new show to watch while on the treadmill and I’ll time on to it today!! Thanks for the recommendation!! I HATE the treadmill
        but I ❤️ cookies so at least if I have a good show to watch I can handle the treadmill.🤣

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