For my Daughter’s history class, part of the final was to interview someone who was between the ages of 18 and 25 during the 60’s. Fellow blogger Lesley Kluchin was a star and talked to my daughter for hours about music and its impact on that decade.


I am totally grateful to Lesley for agreeing to be interviewed!

And I am grateful to say that my daughter received an A on the paper.

May we never lose the ability to talk to one another about our specific generations, about the trials and tribulations, the good and the bad. We can learn about recent history by talking to people who lived through it…

Thank you Lesley!!

25 thoughts on “Gratitude Saturday

  1. I used to write for a local paper several years ago. My favorite stories were the human interest stories. I met so many wonderful people and it was pure joy to hear their stories. I especially loved interviewing seniors and hearing their stories. Everyone has a story, all our lives are unique and people really are amazing!

    I am so happy for your daughter that she had such a wonderful person to interview. Tell her congrats on the “A”.

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