Celebrated My Husband’s birthday
Homemade latkes and applesauce for Hanukah

Does the Gender of an author matter to you when choosing a book?

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Haven’t thought about it




Depends on the subject


This Weeks question will also focus on books: Do you think that books should come with trigger warnings. If you can’t see it on reader and want to participate, please go directly to my site.

What I listened to this week

31 thoughts on “Highlights December 13

  1. First off…Happy Hanukkah! Next, being the “country bumpkin” that I am, I never heard of there being a “Spy Museum”…….how intriguing!!! I LOVE a good spy flick! That sounds like an interesting place to visit! What kind of pie did you make your husband for his birthday? Lastly…..unless it is a family secret, I would love to know what you put in your latkes. Years ago when I really loved to cook and had people to cook for, I tried to make some but couldn’t get too excited over my results. Instead, whenever I make mashed potatoes, which is RARE indeed these days, I LOVE to take the leftovers and make “potato pancakes”…..maybe just add a little onion powder to the spuds then form into patties and fry in a mix of oil and butter till brown and crispy on the outside. Heavenly!

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    1. My husband has spy fantasies!! Ok. My latkes are simple. Russet potatoes, onion, flour, baking powder, eggs. I fry in canola oil. The secret is to dry out the grated potatoes as much as possible. I use cheese cloth and squeeze as much as possible.


  2. Happy Birthday to the hubs, Happy Hanukkah to your family. OMG that bookstore!!! Yes, yes, yes to the Crown. I watched the whole season while my husband was away. Cute kitty. Thanks for sharing your corner of the world with us!

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  3. Benchley Park would have been an exciting place in WWII. Spy museum, that’s for me and latke also. The Goldfinger car used to be at a restaurant in North Vancouver when I was young, it was behind plexiglass. Shaken and not stirred please!

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