My stove recently broke.

Of course- 2020…

When I needed a new stove, the following were important to me:

  1. five burners
  2. electric pilot light
  3. self cleaning
  4. convection capabilities
  5. storage drawer

When I looked at the website of our local appliance store, I pulled up the filters: four of the five things that I really wanted in a stove were not available as features to be filtered for (the only thing I was able to filter for was self cleaning). I needed to manually look at the features for every stove that was self cleaning and in my price range.

I am grateful though, that they had filter options for the following:

  1. WIFI connected
  2. Wi-Fi control
  3. Voice control
  4. Amazon Alexa Compatible
  5. Google Assistant Compatible
  6. Samsung SmartThings Compatible
  7. Apple Homekit Compatible
  8. Nest Compatible

I am grateful that to have finally found out what the most important features of a stove are…

To think that I thought you turned it on and cooked…


Mind Blown

50 thoughts on “Gratitude Saturday December 12

    1. I know!! If you’re cooking you should sort of be paying attention! Like I told Eileen, having multiple timers that could be individualized would be nice, but other than that….

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  1. Wow! My stove is from 2003. I’d love to get something that looks a bit more updated, but this one still works just fine.
    I would have no idea what to do with any of those apps, or how they would improve my life. Okay I just saw you could set multiple timers—that might be nice, but I have lived without that so far.

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  2. Just representative of our society’s set of values expressed through perceived consumerism…fluff over substance.
    I mean, what about those now common features ‘new’ fridges offer that keep track of internal inventory and automatically list out a shopping list for you…
    It’s more than ‘stainless’ vs ‘almond white’ choices for sure!

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  3. That is just… um… nope. I’ve got nothin’. Isn’t having a lot of those things kind of like installing a TV in a car for the driver? Okay. Maybe not that bad, but distracted cooking is so NOT something you want to encourage.

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  4. I was shocked to learn years ago that you can buy refrigerators with TV’s on the door. I guess you don’t miss the touchdown while you are grabbing your beer? Some have cameras inside so if you stop by the store you can check your fridge remotely on your phone to see if you need milk or eggs. I couldn’t make this stuff up, it’s crazy!

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  5. Why do we need smart phones? But what really creeps me out are the ads for smart mattresses, that “sense your every movement” and adjust accordingly. Really think about that one for a moment…your bed is keeping track of exactly what you do in it. Again, why?

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    1. I think it’s a case of a good idea going wild. I like certain functions…maps is the first that comes to mind, but there’s a point….how much info do we need to have people keep track of

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  6. I always buy the least electronic appliance that is available. The technology stuff always craps out way before the actual guts of the appliance. Who wants a smart appliance? I prefer to think I am the smart one in the kitchen!

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