Recently, I had an awful sinus headache- the pressure on my forehead and beneath my eyes was hideous. UGH….

I am grateful for my hot/cold eye mask.

I took the mask out of my fridge and put it on, reducing some of the pressure from the build up of fluid.

Then, I threw it in the microwave for a few seconds…

one side of the mask is soft and velvety…when I put that over my eyes and it’s just a touch warm…

It’s like being caressed by the coziest of blankets and is both soothing and comforting…

And it was a pretty relaxing way to start the day…

40 thoughts on “Gratitude Saturday

  1. I get migraines sometimes and keep an herbal pillow (3 actually) in the freezer at all times. We use warm ones for back and other muscle type stuff. They work wonders. Glad you are better.

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  2. I asked Santa for a new lime green thong. I’ll try throwing it in the microwave and then putting it on my head. Let you know how it turns out…………….

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