Anything Can Happen Friday November 20

I’m not a particularly good artist, nor am I particularly good at math or science…so give me a little tiny bit of leeway…

In the “illustrations” below, it is imperative that the roundish, very heavy object move from A to B.

Assume that the diamonds represent people-

Which box best represents where the people should be standing to have the best chance at moving the object?


Side note: This post was originally written yesterday because I am not good with diagrams and boxes and such, and has thus been altered at least six times (and it’s only 9:05 so it’s only been up for 65 minutes) because I was focusing on the minutia instead of the overall goal. I need to keep that in mind, that you have to give all things equal focus because it’s realy easy to not look at the big picture because you’re so focused on the small. Look at that…I learned something today!!

Can You be Both at Once

Can you be a person of faith and a person of science?


Can the two things not mesh inside of the same person?

I would like to think that one can be both a person of faith and a person of science, but it doesn’t always appear that others think this way. For some reason, we have begun to think that faith and science are diametrically opposed: that a person who regularly practices a religion can not possibly understand science, and vice versa.

But is that really the case?

Of course there are science deniers- those who will revel every time science gets it wrong. And of course there are others who will go out of their way to espouse that there is no higher power because it doesn’t make sense or can’t be proved. But the average person: do they really have to pick a lane?

I was raised Catholic, but not the church going sort. Baptized, communion, confession, confirmation: check, check, check and check- but Sunday mornings found us watching Abbott and Costello movies on channel 11. Catholic, but it was just a word for me.

As I aged I began to distrust organized religion. FYI- this goes for all religions. I thought of religion as a way to separate us from one another. Another form of labels. Why did we need to find ourselves different from others? Can’t we look for the commonality?

But before I go off on a tangent…

Just because I don’t “practice” religion on a daily basis doesn’t mean I don’t have faith.

It does not mean I do not believe in God.


I also believe in science.

I am a big believer in proof. I love a good if/than statement. I am always searching for answers, conducting my own sort of research projects.

I am always analyzing data.


It’s what I do best, my superpower. I look at variables and I come to conclusions based on the evidence before me…

But that doesn’t preclude me from thinking that there is a higher power…

Before you can have proof, don’t you need to have some sort of faith?

Didn’t early explorers have faith that the earth was round?

But that’s my opinion. I have no evidence to be right or wrong, I only know how I feel.

But what do you think?

Do you think that science and faith can be found on the same shelf?

What do you think of the quote?


Two songs today cause I forgot yesterday

My Egg Challenge

Over the summer, my daughter and I ate at a café in the Lower East Side of Manhattan. Once the famed spot of immigrants beginning a new life, now the gentrifying area takes in young kids trying to begin a new life. And next door to Russ and Daughters, traditional Jewish appetizer store (which means lots of smoked fish) sits Good Thanks, a café which has the best scrambled eggs that I’ve ever eaten.

Oddly, not knowing that I was going to write about these eggs this week, my daughter happened to go there for brunch last weekend, so I was able to get this handy picture.

Scrambled eggs are a food that if you like, you probably have a certain way that you want to eat them. I happen to like mine soft and fluffy. These are the perfect example of ethereal scrambled eggs.

But anyway…

Since I ate these eggs, I have been trying to recreate whatever magic they put into them.

Which means I’ve eaten a lot of eggs, with some results being better than others.

I haven’t exactly recreated the beauty of sitting in an outdoor cafe, sun at my back, taking bites of the rich yet light slightly peppery, slightly salty, creamy decadence that these mere eggs have become. (serious kudos to food reporters who are able to describe what food tastes like because it’s harddddddd)


I’m getting there.

First of all: creme fraiche. I mean the real stuff that is probably three times the cost of sour cream, but no lie…the slightly thicker, slightly less sour of creme fraiche is clearly one of the keys. I mix the cf a little bit before I add the eggs. First off I think it takes out the initial chill, and secondly I don’t have to whisk the eggs as much.

Speaking of whisking- use a small one. It’s all about delicacy. Forks need not apply.

Sea salt and just a crack of pepper into egg mixture.(you add more pepper upon completion)

Small non stick skillet, but you still add butter to the pan. The buttery taste is something that you want- so make sure bottom of pan is coated…

The lightest of flames under the pan. If I could heat the pan using a low wattage blow dryer I would: that’s how low I want the flame. You want these eggs to cook slowly.

Put egg mixture into barely warm pan. Let them set for about five seconds. Then you slowly push the mixture into the center, letting the runny parts of the egg escape into the pan. You gently keep doing this so the eggs in the pan start to resemble a rose.

Do not flip the eggs!!

you cook them through by slowly releasing the loose parts to the pan…

Cover them briefly at the end to give them a finish…

It’s not perfect, but I’m going to keep trying.

Now I know you’re asking yourself: Does LA really want us to recreate the eggs the way she likes them?


Make your eggs any way you want to.

What I want is for you all to just keep going.

I want you to figure out what you need to do to get you to tomorrow.

Other parts of the country, the world, are experiencing what I felt back in March and April. And it sucks. My friends from other parts of the country were texting yesterday about how bad their areas are getting, and I had nothing positive to add. I can empathize, but that doesn’t do anyone who is in the moment one bit of good. Everyone’s personal experience and viewpoint are different…and frankly, I’m not ready to relive these memories especially as they can reoccur at any time…


You just have to keep going, trying, doing… Whatever it is that makes you smile…just keep trying. Get a goal in mind and just do it…keep your head and your heart going…figure out the ingredients, check your utensils, find the right temperature…and do what you need to in order to get to the place that you want to be.

Because then you realize that the destination might not be the most important thing…that the way we handle the journey means more…

28 Summers

One of the more popular I wish I were on the beach reads this past summer was 28 Summers by Elin Hildebrand. I am about to reveal a major plot point so tread accordingly. SPOILER ALERT: though, what I reveal will become apparent after two chapters…

28 Summers is about two people who meet, fall in love, and realize that there are obstacles that will not allow them to be together as a couple. I know…I know…originality is key here…

As the couple embarks on their first weekend together, they manage to watch the movie “Same Time, Next Year” which is about a couple who meets up for exactly one weekend a year for a whole bunch of years…

So guess what the couple in our book decides to do?

I think the title sort of gives it away…

So the question of the day: What do you think about this controlled way of having a “relationship”?

Imagine being able to see only the best parts of someone? To never argue with them about who threw out the garbage and whether the toilet seat is up or down or has been left on massage by accident?

To look at someone with only love and lust? Can you imagine that? To see someone with fresh eyes for three days a year? To not speak to them or contact them for the other 362?

Would you be able to only see, touch, speak to this person for only three days a year?

What if your partner approached you and said that they wanted to have a weekend off from the relationship once a year?

What if they didn’t, but this is what they’ve been doing on their writer’s retreat/fishing weekend?


Now that I may have planted a seed of doubt into everyone…

Is there merit to a relationship such as this?

Obviously, I know there are downfalls. Jealousy. Cheating. Morality.

But, could there be plusses?


Randomly chosen song of the day:

My Perfect House

I’ve had a lot of time to contemplate whether or not I wanted to leave NYC…

Living in very tight quarters has left me with a longing for a little more space…and just certain amenities. So I’ve spent an hour or twenty daydreaming about all the things that I would want…

First off, the place. Ideally I’d like to be within walking distance of a town with a Main street. I’d like my main street to have:

  1. Movie theater/performing arts house
  2. At least two restaurants
  3. Tea Room
  4. gallery/historical society
  6. Well stocked grocery
  7. Store for sundries
  8. Thrift store
  9. Arts and Crafts store
  10. Funky boutique
  11. shoe/sneaker store
  12. Library

In this perfect town, I would love if the venues had classes or lectures or some other way to learn things.

As for my house, I would love to have the following:

  1. screened in porch with a gas fireplace and big comfy chaise, and small herb garden
  2. Master bathroom with soaking tub, make up vanity, large rainfall shower (massaging toilet sear optional)
  3. Large master closet with a closet system
  4. nook for a desk and a chair with an ottoman as my workspace. Should have big window
  5. kitchen with adequate storage and counter space. Five burner stove and dishwasher. Dedicated space for my very heavy mixer
  6. Large utility closet/storage space

My yard:

  1. small flower garden where I can learn about flowers
  2. archery set because I would love to get better at this
  3. covered porch for me to sit under
  4. fire pit
  5. I haven’t decided if I want a spa system

Has pandemic made you think of moving somewhere else?

What are some of your dream items for a new abode?

Random Song of the Day:

Highlights November 15

This is the panel from the toilet at a restaurant we went to. I don’t think I need a toilet seat massage…though the heated seat wasn’t bad
Of course, being 2020 and all, my stove broke. This is my new toy. It has a bread proof setting….
This is the berry pie I made when I realized that the oven wasn’t working properly. Pie was tasty if not pretty
I was not able to Zoom into my tea party meeting. But I enjoyed my teas anyway
New Amsterdam is based on Bellevue, which is near my house. They often film in the neighborhood
This is a sesame pancake from Kent Dumpling House. It is one of my favorite cheap eats.
My daughter turned 19 this week…
Ahhh…me and Jane…

Below is a survey, one question. If you can’t see it and want to participate you may need to go to my actual page. Results will be shown next Sunday.

Randomly selected song of the day!!

Gratitude Saturday- November 14

I am grateful to everyone who participated in the survey I posted last Wednesday.

I am grateful to the folks at WordPress who valiantly attempted to answer my questions about surveys. One of the blocks gives you access to a poll. I was able to create the poll, but since the poll is from another source, the actual poll does not show up in reader, but on the actual site. This resulted in some being able to see and participate and others not so much. I am grateful to the WP engineer who said he would add my suggestion about incorporating a WP block better. I mean, if it’s there to use with the highly touted block editor, it should be functional for all no matter what the platform.

But anyway…

Here’s the basic results:

Is it better to donate time or money?

  • Same Value 68%
  • Money 27%
  • Time 5%

Should you go into debt to help someone else?

  • No 64%
  • Depends 36%

Should donations be tax deductible?

  • Yes 73%
  • Individuals Only 18%
  • Yes, but capped 5%
  • No 5%

Should you donate to…

  • Smaller less known charity who risks going out of business 20%
  • Large charity which will survive 0%
  • Depends on Charity 65%
  • Not Sure 15%

Most Important Charity to donate

  • Societal (homeless, etc) 30%
  • Other 17%
  • Medical 13%
  • Disaster Relief 9%
  • Societal Justice 9%
  • Mental Health 4%
  • Animal 4%
  • Environmental 4%
  • Education 4%
  • Culture 4%
  • LGBQT+ 0
  • Women’s Rights/Issues 0
  • Legal Aid 0

If you have 200$ do you:

  • 2 Charities split 40%
  • 4 charities 36%
  • 1 Charity 24%

What % of Income?

  • 10% 46%
  • 5% 25%
  • 2% 25%
  • 11-50% 4%
  • Some people wanted to say 0 but that option didn’t work for some reason

The comments were insightful as well. Many people research how much of a donation actually goes to the charity instead of administrative costs. People want to see their money doing actual good.

People also said that donating goods is important: food drives, clothes. supplies are also easy ways to donate and do good.

People are anti shame donating, such as asking you to donate a dollar to something while you are on a physical line and other’s can here your answer.

Many donate because of a connection: this year I have donated to the two non profits that my daughter has worked for as well as my niece’s elementary school. When someone you know is involved it pulls the heartstrings a little.

People want to do good for their communities and the world around them. We all have different ways of showing it though. And that’s a great thing- we shouldn’t all be supporting the same things in the same exact way.

I am grateful for all the people who try to make the world a better place, no matter how they go about doing it, no matter the size of the contribution, and no matter what the cause is.

Thank you.

I am considering adding a song of the day: This will be a song randomly picked from my very eclectic weekly playlist. Let’s see if this works:

FYI- Parent Advisory- Listen Responsibly

Anything Can Happen Friday November 13

A few weeks ago I asked you what your personal theme song was. I realized while we all need a strong title track, we also need music that covers the rest of out moods. I put together this playlist to highlight all the moods I go through in any given day…Would love to get an idea of what your playlist would include!!

My songs are as follows:

  1. Kiss the Rain – Yiruma
  2. Claire De Lune – Debussey
  3. Make You Feel My Love- Adele
  4. Ob-La Di, Ob-La-Da : The Beatles
  5. American Girl: Tom Petty
  6. I Want It All: Queen
  7. Old Time Rock & Roll: Bob Seger
  8. What’s New Pussycat: Tom Jones
  9. Respect: Aretha Franklin
  10. The Ride of the Valkyries: Wagner
  11. Tears Dry on Their Own: Amy Winehouse
  12. Theme from New York, New York: Frank Sinatra
  13. Just Friends: Charlie Parker
  14. Beautiful Day: U2
  15. You’re the First, The Last, My Everything: Barry White
  16. The Less I Know the Better: Tame Impala
  17. Cello Suite No. 1 in G Major, BWV 1007:1. Prelude Bach
  18. Iris: Goo Goo Dolls
  19. The Gambler: Kenny Rogers
  20. Glory Days: Bruce Springsteen
  21. In a Sentimental Mood: Duke Elling7ton. John Coltrane
  22. Midnight on the Water: Tyler Childers
  23. Don’t Know Why: Norah Jones
  24. Patience: Guns N Roses
  25. A Thousand Years: The Piano Guys
  26. Only Time: Enya

I have attempted to include a Spotify playlist. Hoping it works!

Speak Out

“Sir, you must forgive my sister…She is not ordinarily quite so outspoken”

Miss Austen by Gill Hornby

Do we like women who speak their minds?

And when I say “we” I mean both men and women.

Back in Austen’s day, we know that outspoken women were looked down upon. Just think of what we thought of Mrs. Bennett…Admittedly, she was a buffoon as well, but should people have tried to shut her down? She was shut down by both men and women…

How about Lizzie? Lizzie clearly spoke her mind. But did both men and women look ill at her in that regard?

Now fast forward to the year that shall remain nameless:

Do we still have a problem with women who are outspoken?

How often are women referred to as nags?

Too talkative?




I am not one of those women who is universally liked by other women. I’m seen as aggressive and domineering. I have a very “take charge” attitude.

Why are those bad traits?

If I were a man, would these traits be admirable?

So what do you think of women who put themselves right out there for the world to see? Have you ever referred to a woman as one of those traits, but not in a positive, this person is really awesome sort of way, but in a head tilt, talking out of the side of your mouth “watch out” sort of way?

I know my in laws have issues with my personality. They have said to my Husband…”well, when you talk to her, she has an answer to everything. You can never win with her.”

This, of course, makes me wonder if women are just in competition with one another all the time….if there’s some imperative to be the alpha…



I want you to think about whether or not you really admire women who speak their minds, women who are not afraid to enter into a battle of wits or words or whatever…women who want to share their ideas and theories and stories…

Even now, is there a little part of us who wants some women to just shut up?

Give A Little Bit

Back in August my daughter interviewed for an internship position at a non profit. During the interview, the Director stated that he thought that 60% of non profits would be out of business by year end.

Everyone needs money.

Since March, I have received emails from every organization that I have ever donated my time or money to. I’ve also received emails from places I’ve never donated. Also one from a Nigerian Prince to which I responded to immediately. I mean…it’s royalty…

While I would love to donate to each and every cause, I am unable to do it. Bills and taxes and tuition and paper towels….

But I will give something.

But once you’ve established how much money you are able to donate- how do you go about choosing who gets your money?

Today, I am trying something new. I’m going to attempt to do a survey. You may not be able to do the survey in Reader…checking this out now…

Thank you for participating. Hoping it works!!