Hector’s- established 1949- a little bit of old NYC

Assuming that Health Care Professionals, First Responders and those who are at the absolute greatest risk of getting COVID-19- who gets the vaccine next?


Those over 65






those who live in nursing homes regardless of health conditions


low income individuals




Below should be a poll about whether or not the vaccine should be mandatory. If you can’t see it try visiting my actual site. I don’t know if it works in Reader:

38 thoughts on “Highlights November 29

  1. I love your art posts. Art feeds my soul. The pandemic has made it hard to get my art fix—usually the closest place to get my art fix is Chicago—the last time I visited the museums were closed. :(. I am guessing that one of the pieces above is by Jeff Koons—that would be on my bucket list to see some of his work.

    I am thinking that those that live in nursing homes, along with health care workers of any type, including those in nursing homes will be getting the vaccine before teachers or low income persons. COVID has taken a huge toll on those living in nursing homes. In addition there have been also been nursing home employees that have lost their lives to COVID. My mom is in a nursing home so the situation is especially personal for me.

    I don’t know if the vaccine should be mandatory—-I think that will just cause more division in our country. It is ashamed that the prospect of a COVID vaccine should be polarizing. I am a nurse and I am hoping to get one ASAP.

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    1. Donald Judd. If it’s the one I think you’re referring too. I’d never seen his work before and I fell in love. Jeff Koons is great….my daughter has the paper weight of the dog. Everything has become polarizing to us. It’s sad


  2. THANK YOU for the fries. I’ve been getting the shakes without them. Now, put your cat back in as well. Great pictures and it’s nice to know you can still get around and that places are still open!

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  3. The problem with vaccines being mandatory is that there are some people with valid medical conditions who cannot take vaccines. I, for one, am faced with this dilemma. Sixty-four, asthmatic, but I have Multiple Chemical Sensitivities. They put preservatives and aluminum in vaccines that produce a neurotoxic reaction if I take them. Twelve and a half million people in the US have some form of MCS. Others have autoimmune diseases or allergies that might prevent them from taking a vaccine. There is never a clear black and white, one size fits all approach to medicine. What to do? I isolate for now. I think front line health care workers should get the vaccine first, then target nursing homes – the most vulnerable, then down the list of vulnerable people.

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  4. The elderly should absolutely have dibs on the vaccine as well as front line health care workers. I would follow that with essential workers – the people who have been serving in grocery stores, retail, etc. and then the vulnerable, the people at high risk if they should contract the virus. Having said all that, I am somewhat concerned about a vaccine that’s being pushed out so fast, I know it’s necessary, but I am concerned about the side effects. What to do? Risk the virus or risk the vaccine? I have no idea.

    I love all the photos but I especially like the one with the green face. Lots to see and do in N.Y.C. thanks for sharing.

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  5. I keep thinking I’ll wake up one morning and realize this was all a bad dream…but every morning reality slaps me in the face and here we are playing the “who get the vaccine” game. It should be like birth control, everyone who needs it should have access, if it contradicts your beliefs don’t get one. C

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    1. Agreed. But you know there will be controversy. There already is. I thought of last weeks question because someone told me that teachers should be one of the top groups to get the vaccine. I wanted to see what people thought. I just don’t know what I would do

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    1. There are certain foods I’d rather not cook, burger and fries being one of them. I can’t recreate a solid burger. Nor do I want to because then I’d want it every night

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  6. Vaccine is easy – give it to everyone who wants it. Anyone who refuses it can make that choice (it saves us listening to all the whining about conspiracy and big pharma.) but if you refuse it you pay for your own treatment when you catch it. Simple.

    First people to be vaccinated – Boris Johnson and the Government – money where your mouth is time. Then health workers, elderly people, emergency workers, teachers, more old people (including me).

    But if someone comes into the shop I don’t see why I can’t safeguard my safety (and that of our customers) by slinging them out if they don’t wear or mask or have a vaccination certificate. We don’t want to have to quarantine – we’ve already been closed enough.

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