Last Friday I tried to do a blog where I used wordless diagrams.

Spoiler alert: I am not particularly artistic, not good with graphics on computers. If a template is premade, I’m fine, but outside of that…not so good.

So I spent time trying to work on the boxes.

But I got so caught up on making the boxes, I forgot what the point of my blog was. I got curtailed by the minutia, and thus completely missed highlighting the point I was trying to get across.


Here’s the lesson…

It’s easy to think about what you want the end result of something to be.

It is very hard to figure out all the steps that go into getting the desired result.

We sometimes choose to focus on the wrong things, and forget to pay attention to the basics. The basics, the nuts and bolts of how something is done aren’t sexy. They’re boring.

But without a proper plan, attention paid to the building block steps, you can’t reach your goal.

For my post, it was mild embarrassment that I screwed up. Some of my blog friends got a laugh. But it was only a post and something that I laughed about as soon as I realized my mistakes…

But there are other things in life that can be really bad if we don’t pay attention to the details…

Pay attention.


All parts of a plan are important.

27 thoughts on “Anything Can Happen Friday November 27

  1. All parts of the plan are important but when you are first learning things you have to cut yourself some slack. You are going to forget things. You are going to make mistakes. Its not going to be perfect. That’s how you learn. Don’t focus on what your mistakes. Be proud you tried something new. I’m proud of you. I didnt expect it to be perfect. It didn’t have to be because it was a life or.death situation. You weren’t diffusing a bomb. You were writing a blog post. I thought it was a cool post.

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  2. I do this when researching for a post, I get lost in some tangent, forget why I reached for the urban dictionary in the first place, and before I know it the post turned into a rant on some entrepreneur who made a mint selling dryer lint? I get it. C

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  3. Yes, sometimes you must know when to sit still and wait. Then after the hard work and the details, after it comes through…you have scored. I scored this year with a job but I had to have all my bolts in place. The job has been something I was searching to get for awhile and right now I am discovering all the positives and negatives. Again, rearranging the boxes and if those boxes collapse, so be it.

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  4. Trying something new is always challenging. I give you credit for attempting. A lot of people don’t even go that far. I think I make my vision cards to help me keep steady on the little steps while looking forward to the big picture but it is not always easy and sometimes extremely frustrating.

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  5. Truly.

    I think there are those of us (raising my hand) who sometimes think to themselves “I can skip these steps as the steps that follow are familiar enough to me,” Nope. Doesn’t work that way.

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  6. No shortcuts? How fun is that?😉 First attempts will nearly always fall short of the intended goal. But it’s a learning process and part of what it takes. Nothing at all wrong with last Friday’s post.

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  7. Sage advice, LA. So important to pay attention to the big picture, no pun intended promise, and the smallest details. I LOVE the big picture so much that I can get lost in it. I have to hold myself accountable each day to stay on top of the details. Anyway, a great post, and important reminder. Have a great weekend. 🙂

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    1. I see it every day. People shout out an idea without even thinking hat has to go into it. The result they want to achieve is so easy to imagine, but how many people really do a total cost benefit analysis

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      1. Yep. Very important. When people bring me new ideas, I always ask them, who’s going to do the work, how long will it take…etc. Often, we don’t engage in the project because there is no bandwidth to do so. Good conversation. Have a great evening!

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  8. This reminds me of when I was working. I was the one who always had a plan for getting to the goal while others just jumped in. I never felt truly appreciated for that. As you said, those aren’t the sexy things. Even now, when doing something new, I create a small plan. It only takes a little time and saves time in the long run. That’s just who I am!!

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  9. Some of my favorite cliches (need an accent here but…) apply to this very situation. For me, these trite sayings always have some truth to them so I try to remember to apply them to my “shades of gray” thoughts as well.

    “You can’t see the forest for the trees.”

    “You need to take the 30,000 foot view of the situation.”

    I’m sure I could think of more but I’ve already put more than enough time into commenting on your posts today, and have immensely enjoyed doing so!

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