Brownies- first thing baked in my new oven
Guess who got their hair colored?
Three things came to mind when I saw this: 1) Is this cultural appropriation? 2) This is the funniest thing I’ve seen in awhile 3) Should I send my Mother in Law one just to see her reaction?
Levain is known for making the most decadent chocolate chip walnut cookies ever. I prefer their chocolate brioche, which I think is a worth a visit to NYC for. FYI- they are branching out to other cities!
This is from Oath Pizza. You get to choose your own toppings in a very stress free way. It’s more flatbread than New York style crust but it is delicious. Shout out to the amazing guy who helped us. We got there when it opened and he singlehandedly got all the ovens heated, got ingredients sorted, handled a boatload of pick up orders as well as in person customers- with a smile and great attitude.

The results of last weeks survey:

Do You Plan of taking the COVID-19 vaccine when it comes out?


Yes, but I plan on waiting at least three months


Yes, as soon as I’m eligible


Not sure


No, I think it was too rushed


No, I am anti vax


Maybe, depends on who developed it


Haven’t thought about it


No, I have a pre existing condition which precludes me from participating


Maybe, depends on where manufactured


Below you will hopefully again find a two question survey about the vaccine: you may have to click on my actual site in order to participate.

40 thoughts on “Highlights November 22

  1. I dunno, #3 on the Hanukkah stuff is really tempting – especially since with COVID there’s no face-to-face encounters!
    And thanks for reminding me to look up Paul Hollywood’s choco-brioche donut recipe – the yummy photo jogged my memory!

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    1. Yeah…thereโ€™s a whole thing about some things not showing up in reader vs the actual site. Iโ€™ve been talking to the WordPress people on this subject


  2. I think rather than specifying “Asthmatics” it should be worded to include everyone with any sort of lung/heart issue. These decisions are made by smarter people than i am, but I can tell you now that no matter who gets chosen next, there will be a group complaining about why they weren’t next on the list.

    It’s good you started with the cat, but this is 2 weeks in a row with no French Fries. I’m going into withdrawal!

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    1. Yeah…I had trouble figuring out how to group people without being redundant towards the people I considered โ€œfirst receiversโ€. But youโ€™re right…everyone will have a different opinion which is kind of why I wanted to do this survey, to show that everyone thinks differently and no one is more right than someone else, and to remind everyone of how difficult these decisions are


  3. I haven’t been able to find the surveys…so, I’ll just add my little “2 cents” worth. As an RN and former Public Health Nurse, I have a LOT of thoughts circulating in my old ‘melon’ about vaccines….some fall on both sides of the proverbial fence. So, instead of muddying waters that are already as opaque as Charlie’s ‘chocolate river’, I’ll share an aspect of this whole issue that I don’t hear anyone addressing. Unfortunately I cannot speak about this without first explaining some of my own personal experience. I have a long history of various autoimmune disorders beginning in high school with ITP…Google it please if you want an explanation. Then about 10 years after that I was diagnosed with Stage 4 cancer….Hodgkin’s lymphoma. (A doctor mentioned to me some 20 years after that, that I most likely contracted the Hodgkin’s from the 8 months of high-dose steroids that I was given for the ITP). I went through chemotherapy for the cancer. Chemotherapy, I was told, will permanently damage my immune system……making me permanently more susceptible to illness of all kinds. Fast forward to the 11 years I worked in Public Health. At one point there was a measles outbreak in our community. My employer wanted to send us out into the Amish communities (the epicenter of the disease) to help mitigate this outbreak. A red flag went up in the back of my mind. I knew I had had an MMR (measles, mumps & rubella vaccine) as a child, like most everyone else but in the face of this I needed to make sure I was still immune, so I had a titer drawn (a blood test to see if your body has made antibodies that will protect you as a response to the vaccine). To my shock, the titer showed I had no immunity. So, I got another MMR and then waited the appropriate amount of time for that to show up in the blood work. The 2nd titer still showed no immunity. Shocking and very distressing…..especially in my line of work. My entire point is that I am not unique. There are THOUSANDS of people with damaged immune systems for a multitude of reasons. My fear and what should be a concern to many others is whether or not a vaccine will even work at all for people in this particular type of situation. I suspect not. My hope lies in an eventual cure or extremely effective, affordable and readily available treatment.

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    1. So interesting. I also had Hodgkinโ€™s lymphoma over 30 years ago and had chemo. I have been very healthy ever since so I haven’t thought of myself as having a compromised immune system. Because we are over 60, and because we are retired so therefor are able, my husband and I have kept ourselves safe and mostly away from others. If chemo does permanently damage immune systems then you are right, there are hundreds of thousands of us.

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      1. Well Congrats Janis on still being here 30 years later! I’m happy to hear that you have been very healthy since. I wish I could say the same, but sometimes the cure is almost as troublesome as the initial disease. I’ve been plagued with many things as a result of the chemo….but, I am of course obviously so thankful to still be here. ๐Ÿ™‚

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  4. No to Chanukah stockings IMO but if that makes someone else happy, knock yourself out. Yes to the vaccine. As soon as possible. David will qualify way before I do according to the news, but we are both going to be vaccinated as soon as we can. We canโ€™t wait to travel together.
    And yes to all baked good.

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