I’m not a particularly good artist, nor am I particularly good at math or science…so give me a little tiny bit of leeway…

In the “illustrations” below, it is imperative that the roundish, very heavy object move from A to B.

Assume that the diamonds represent people-

Which box best represents where the people should be standing to have the best chance at moving the object?


Side note: This post was originally written yesterday because I am not good with diagrams and boxes and such, and has thus been altered at least six times (and it’s only 9:05 so it’s only been up for 65 minutes) because I was focusing on the minutia instead of the overall goal. I need to keep that in mind, that you have to give all things equal focus because it’s realy easy to not look at the big picture because you’re so focused on the small. Look at that…I learned something today!!

56 thoughts on “Anything Can Happen Friday November 20

  1. Those arenโ€™t triangles, LA, theyโ€™re diamonds. Tri-angles have three angles and three sides! A diamond shape is sometimes called a rhombus, but not a triangle. Feel free to delete this comment! ๐Ÿ™‚

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    1. You know, I wrote this yesterday because I knew I would have trouble with the boxes and when I first did it I used triangles and I didnโ€™t proof the opening paragraph

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  2. Math?!?!? In the morning?!?!? Have you no heart!??! I’d go with 3 since they’re both on the same side and can push simultaneously in the same direction. And I’m missing the point in scenario #5.

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    1. Apathy…. I know. I didnโ€™t even write it today…it was one of my rare pre done posts because drawing the boxes is way out of my comfort zone and I knew I would throw the computer out the window if I tried it straight out if the box, so to speak…


    1. Thatโ€™s one way of looking at it. In my i artistic mind I had it more the weight of a Boulder that probably wouldnโ€™t be easy to move and would need to be pushed uphill, but I get that

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  3. I appreciate your efforts and the humor it generated in the comments. I’d suggest a 6th option wherein the diamonds raise their hands in frustration and green turns to blue and says, “forget it. I like it here, anyway. Let’s go get a beer.”

    Except, maybe that’s what happened before option 5?

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  4. So if it has the weight of a car or cow, but in that egg shape they need to start in position 2 to roll it (up end it I suppose) as if you were rolling and guiding and egg end over end. However if this is a clear 1 time move and there is no chance the egg shaped thing is going to roll sideways then position 3 seems to be the best for a one time flip over and rest on the hill at B finish. Could I have made that anymore complicated… probably, because I overthink everything!

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  5. It is none of the above. Hire a some movers if it is that big! lol! I really hate things like this because I ALWAYS end up thinking “Well, it depends on eleventy million different things and I wasn’t given those things, so I CAN’T answer it with any kind of accuracy!” This drives my kids nuts when they ask me questions that should be simple, but I never let them be. Please done ever ask me for a favorite of anything because that is just as bad.

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  6. It does depend on what is being moved. I’d go with #2 because of the direction of the line. If said movers were pushing, the circle would move a more direct path along the line. If it were something like lifting and moving a table, I’d pick #4 so the weight is evenly distributed. I also like #5 because if it’s too heavy, I’d just leave it there, thus not needing any diamond people to push/lift it. But, it is after noon on Friday so let’s go with #5, call it a day and go to happy hour. ๐Ÿท

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