I am grateful to everyone who participated in the survey I posted last Wednesday.

I am grateful to the folks at WordPress who valiantly attempted to answer my questions about surveys. One of the blocks gives you access to a poll. I was able to create the poll, but since the poll is from another source, the actual poll does not show up in reader, but on the actual site. This resulted in some being able to see and participate and others not so much. I am grateful to the WP engineer who said he would add my suggestion about incorporating a WP block better. I mean, if it’s there to use with the highly touted block editor, it should be functional for all no matter what the platform.

But anyway…

Here’s the basic results:

Is it better to donate time or money?

  • Same Value 68%
  • Money 27%
  • Time 5%

Should you go into debt to help someone else?

  • No 64%
  • Depends 36%

Should donations be tax deductible?

  • Yes 73%
  • Individuals Only 18%
  • Yes, but capped 5%
  • No 5%

Should you donate to…

  • Smaller less known charity who risks going out of business 20%
  • Large charity which will survive 0%
  • Depends on Charity 65%
  • Not Sure 15%

Most Important Charity to donate

  • Societal (homeless, etc) 30%
  • Other 17%
  • Medical 13%
  • Disaster Relief 9%
  • Societal Justice 9%
  • Mental Health 4%
  • Animal 4%
  • Environmental 4%
  • Education 4%
  • Culture 4%
  • LGBQT+ 0
  • Women’s Rights/Issues 0
  • Legal Aid 0

If you have 200$ do you:

  • 2 Charities split 40%
  • 4 charities 36%
  • 1 Charity 24%

What % of Income?

  • 10% 46%
  • 5% 25%
  • 2% 25%
  • 11-50% 4%
  • Some people wanted to say 0 but that option didn’t work for some reason

The comments were insightful as well. Many people research how much of a donation actually goes to the charity instead of administrative costs. People want to see their money doing actual good.

People also said that donating goods is important: food drives, clothes. supplies are also easy ways to donate and do good.

People are anti shame donating, such as asking you to donate a dollar to something while you are on a physical line and other’s can here your answer.

Many donate because of a connection: this year I have donated to the two non profits that my daughter has worked for as well as my niece’s elementary school. When someone you know is involved it pulls the heartstrings a little.

People want to do good for their communities and the world around them. We all have different ways of showing it though. And that’s a great thing- we shouldn’t all be supporting the same things in the same exact way.

I am grateful for all the people who try to make the world a better place, no matter how they go about doing it, no matter the size of the contribution, and no matter what the cause is.

Thank you.

I am considering adding a song of the day: This will be a song randomly picked from my very eclectic weekly playlist. Let’s see if this works:

FYI- Parent Advisory- Listen Responsibly

23 thoughts on “Gratitude Saturday- November 14

  1. I missed taking your survey (probably dealing with an incontinent kitty). I believe most people are willing to help when they see a need. Unfortunately, the media mainly tends to only focus on sensationalizing the worst of what is going on in the world. Recently, our daughter had a garage sale and practically gave away baby and toddler items (25 cents per piece of clothing). What didn’t sell of ours, we donated to an organization in town that relocates and gives a new start to victims of sex trafficking…yes, evidently, there is sex trafficking in Missouri. The rest went to a resale shop dedicated to funding programs that help women get back on their feet. Through monetary giving to our church, various programs for at-risk populations here and overseas are helped. But, not all charities are created equal and checking out the percentages of admin costs/salaries is very telling of their priorities. What is not reflected in your survey is when people give of their time, which is hard to do now in a pandemic. Giving of our time an talents to those in need is sometimes just as valuable. FYI, the song wouldn’t play for me. Probably operator error! xoxo

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    1. We normally work a soup kitchen one Saturday a month, which we are not able to do. My daughter has been volunteer tutoring kids online which is nice, but I don’t have the patience to do that via zoom. I also buy a sandwich, fruit and water once or twice a week and give it to someone on the street

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