A few weeks ago I asked you what your personal theme song was. I realized while we all need a strong title track, we also need music that covers the rest of out moods. I put together this playlist to highlight all the moods I go through in any given day…Would love to get an idea of what your playlist would include!!

My songs are as follows:

  1. Kiss the Rain – Yiruma
  2. Claire De Lune – Debussey
  3. Make You Feel My Love- Adele
  4. Ob-La Di, Ob-La-Da : The Beatles
  5. American Girl: Tom Petty
  6. I Want It All: Queen
  7. Old Time Rock & Roll: Bob Seger
  8. What’s New Pussycat: Tom Jones
  9. Respect: Aretha Franklin
  10. The Ride of the Valkyries: Wagner
  11. Tears Dry on Their Own: Amy Winehouse
  12. Theme from New York, New York: Frank Sinatra
  13. Just Friends: Charlie Parker
  14. Beautiful Day: U2
  15. You’re the First, The Last, My Everything: Barry White
  16. The Less I Know the Better: Tame Impala
  17. Cello Suite No. 1 in G Major, BWV 1007:1. Prelude Bach
  18. Iris: Goo Goo Dolls
  19. The Gambler: Kenny Rogers
  20. Glory Days: Bruce Springsteen
  21. In a Sentimental Mood: Duke Elling7ton. John Coltrane
  22. Midnight on the Water: Tyler Childers
  23. Don’t Know Why: Norah Jones
  24. Patience: Guns N Roses
  25. A Thousand Years: The Piano Guys
  26. Only Time: Enya

I have attempted to include a Spotify playlist. Hoping it works!

76 thoughts on “Anything Can Happen Friday November 13

      1. sigh…My wife and I don’t share a lot of the same interests in music except thankfully funk/soul and RNB we listen to The Trevor Nelson and Craig Charles shows on The BBC when being creative together

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      2. I husband is stuck in 70s /80s loop of songs with up temp. I had on, I think Moses Sumney yesterday and my husband called it sleepy music…his music is never relaxing or chill

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      3. Reading is slightly different for me. Books I like to read about people’s lives or collection’s of comics or graphic novels, or about movies. I also read horror movie magazines & Food Network Magazine

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  1. I will also have to make this into a blog post someday. I can unequivocally say it will include anything and everything Bob Seger. I used to play classical music (lots of Bolero) at the ad agency when i was stressed. Everyone knew when they heard classical music coming out of my office to just walk on by……🤣

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  2. WOW! Wowowow! Your playlist is amazing. I’d have to sit here for a long time to come up with such a great one like that. Each time I hear a song that lifts me, I think, THAT’s my song. Until I hear another one. What comes to mind right away is “Good Day Sunshine” by Beatles, “Good morning Starshine,” by Oliver. Hmm, methinks there’s a theme here. I like joyful upbeat songs. Unless I’m writing. Then it’s all classical. I must say, Ode to Joy is one of my favorite pieces, but it’s so beautiful, it always makes me cry.

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  3. I liked reading your list. I take the easy way out and play Pandora shuffle. The only piece on your list that is heard in this house is Clair de Lune. I play it three or four times a week right now, it being one of the pieces I have been practicing this year.

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  4. Awesome post, LA. My current playlist includes, Billie Holiday, Ella Fitzgerald, Yiruma, Foo Fighters, Hamilton Soundtrack, Les Miserables Soundtrack, Yo-Yo Ma, Crosby, Stills, Nash, and Young, Janes Addiction, Bad Religion, Nat King Cole, and Pennywise. I have a thing for listening to whole albums, so, of course, this is not a playlist proper. Have a great weekend. 🙂

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  5. ok here we go, not the most definitive list but a sampling
    Breed- Nirvana
    NYC like a graveyard – The Moldy Peaches
    Professor booty-Beastie boys
    Tangerine- Herb Alpert and the Tiajuana Brass
    Custard Pie- Led Zeppelin
    Armada Latina- Cypress Hill
    Three Little Birds- Bob Marley
    Turn down for what- DJ Snake & Lil’ Jon
    If I was your girlfriend – Prince
    Fuck You- Dean and the Weenies
    Don’t you let me down- Peter Criss
    Rainy Days and Mondays- The Carpenters
    Snowbird- Anne Murray
    The Soulful Strut- Young-Holt Unlimited
    There he is again- The Hughes Corporation
    Walk on by- Issac Hayes
    Nowhere Man- The Beatles
    Good as Hell- Lizzo
    My Way- Aloe Blacc
    Don’t dream it’s over- Crowded House
    Riders on the storm- The Doors

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  6. I’ve got a bunch of different playlists and the one I created this month which had no country songs (a departure for me) has 50 songs with several from Meghan Trainor and Bruno Mars, but the two I’m excited to have found this week are LUCKY byJason Mraz & Colbie Caillat and TAKE YOU DANCING by Jason Derulo.

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  7. Roll With It – Steve Winwood
    Because You Loved Me – Celine Dion
    May I Have This Dance – Anne Murray
    Just You and I – Eddie Rabbitt and Crystal Gayle
    The three above in memory/honor of my now over 30 year marriage.
    May the Bird of Paradise Fly Up Your Nose – the late, great Little Jimmy Dickens (who I saw and laughed at live and in person at the Grand Old Opry in Nashville when I lived there and before he died and whose house was a tourist attraction as one of the earliest built in the suburb where I lived). I start this one in my head when I pass those beautiful flowering Bird of Paradise plants on my walk.

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